Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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You can't really tell from these pictures, but to me, Duncan and Claire are really the two who look alike. Duncan says they "both have flat hair" which, sorry Claire, is true.

So, there is really no grand theme to this post. I noticed that I have way too many drafts of posts to finish so I'm going to just start knocking them out. We are on Day 2 of Iain being gone and things are fine. No preschool today, just church tonight. Not a difficult day in terms of logistics. Everyone did wake up quite early, so we've had morning naps. And by "we" I mean Claire and Finn. Oh, if only that we included me. I will also try for a short afternoon nap, since we have church tonight. I am trying to nut up for dinner at church with all three of them. It's really a double-edged sword for me. On one hand, I get all of them out of the house at 4:45, which as you mommies know is a terrible time of day. But, I have to get them to church, get them all downstairs, which means using the double-wide, getting them to a table, near the high chairs, leaving them unattended while I go gather high chairs, park the stroller, then hold my breath while I make several trips to get everyone's food, my tea, etc...Another plus is that I get everyone fed. No messy kitchen. Well, no messier kitchen, because it's probably not completely clean from lunch. Which seems to last for hours. Then, the biggest plus of all. I can take them all three to music and missions. Drop them off. With other loving, saintly people who take care of them, entertain them and get Claire and Finn in their nighttime diapers and pajamas. It's fabulous. Duncan loves it. Sees all his buddies and I get about an hour and fifteen minutes to myself for something. Sometimes a meeting, sometimes not. Then I pick them all up and wag them home and straight to bed.

How did I ramble off down that road? Wow. I digress.

We are having fun today playing with empty boxes, aluminum muffin pans, cardboard paper towel tubes and the couch cushions. Duncan even did some drawing. That doesn't happen very often. I was going to make cookies with him but don't think I'll get it done, and besides it would make a huge mess and then there's the dough. Don't need that temptation. I really don't think a single toy has been used. Very informative. Granted, Duncan will immediately show a great interest in any toy the babies decide they might want to play with.

Oh and my biggest mommy genius moment? Um, set up the pack and play in the living room. I can put the babies in it and like, shower. I know I did it with Duncan. Why did I feel like I had to have free range babies this time? Note to self: confinement works.


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