Tuesday, September 21, 2010

  • So many random thoughts.
  • I have an overwhelming urge to raise chickens in my back yard.
  • I do not want to eat them, but I do want to provide eggs for my friends and family.
  • I have a song about a monkey riding on a pig stuck in my head. Thank you, sister Becky and cousin Linda.
  • My oldest brother is coming to visit this weekend and my other brother next...from the Pacific Northwest...and I cannot seem to remember.
  • I am really glad that Glee is back on.
  • Monday is my 45th birthday. That is half way to 90.
  • I need to plan Claire and Finn's 2nd birthday party and am thinking a "trains and tutus" cake.
  • I want to write a book. Ha!
  • I am training for a 5K. Which surprises you more? That I want to write a book or that I've started running?
  • Or that I'm almost 45 and have two almost 2 year-olds?
  • I'm glad that the house is off the market but am thinking alot about putting it back on. I am a planner.
  • I like alot of the songs on Glee but I rarely know who really sings them. Billionaire?
  • I am really excited about my first pumpkin spice latte but wont have one until it's below 70 degrees. It's principle, people.

Thanks for the brain purge!

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  1. I can get you a chicken from my sister that lives on a ranch. They do not currently have any, but I can find out when. The boys get them for 4H.