Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Santa

I have tried really hard to be a good wife/mom/friend/sister/daughter this year. I know, I know, tryin' is lyin' or for the birds or whatever but it has to count for something, right? So, anyhoo, back to me.

Material things are nice, and there are a few I've got my eye on so let's just get those out of the way quickly.

I would love some black cowboy boots. And one of those holster thingies for my ipod or iphone so when I'm at the gym I don't have to hold it while I work out and look pretty geeky. Because I run now, you know. Did you hear? But that is really all I can think of.

My real list would be:
  • the ability for all of our children to sleep until 8:00 on Saturdays
  • snow on Christmas Eve again this year because last year? Spectacular.
  • the knowledge and security that Duncan would be in a good school next year for first grade, that we felt good about, where he would be challenged and could make real friends that he could actually play with after school
  • that we lived in a neighborhood with kids
  • for me to find something I can do, that is kind of creative, that would also generate some income
  • for me to continue to run, and perhaps participate in a half marathon by this time next year
  • for my MOPS group to have a solid steering team again next year (I will be lead coordinator)
  • that my chin hairs will magically stop growing

Thank you, Santa.


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