Monday, January 21, 2013

Take me to your eater



In order to distract Finn from one of his recent, epic melt downs about nothing in particular, I told him we could make sugar cookies.  After rolling about six, he was bored so we just plopped the rest of the dough on a pan and baked it and frosted it and drowned it in sprinkles.  Then Duncan added some folded up bubble gum and Red Vines and voila! 


The hanger massacre continues. 


Sunday morning was going just fine until the drapes got pulled down.  Then it was not so fine.  But we all survived.  It was a really nice warm day so the kids could be outside afterwards.  Thank you, Jesus.  Literally.



No school today so we went to see my sister and my mom for a bit, and the shorties fell asleep on the way home.  Glad the biggie did not because seriously.  Early bedtimes.  I love being with my family but sometimes the long weekends are hard.  I feel like C and F look.  Duncan had a friend over this afternoon to watch the big Wild Kratts Premier…which was kind of a huge deal to Wild Kratts fans everywhere.  I fed them all kinds of kid food and let them make pizzas.



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