Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I feel like a real parent!

I got my first call from a teacher/school. Well, my mom picked up Duncan from preschool today and he was sitting in the "naughty chair" (not sure if that's my mom's expression or the school's.) Apparently, shockingly enough, he does not always follow directions and is disruptive during nap/quiet time.


Yes, a three year old boy is disruptive during quiet time. According to my mom, the teacher said she became "angry" with him and when that did not appear to make a dent, she took him to the director's office. Something, I have a feeling, Duncan met with glee. An adventure!

So, I called the director and got the low down. Nothing too shocking, just that often/sometimes/frequently (I'm still not sure which) does not follow their instruction and on at least two occasions has not been quiet during quiet time. He runs around, tumbles, etc...

It's almost as if now the real parenting kicks in. I've just been keeping him alive up to this point. Iain and I talked about it and we are going to talk to his teachers and the director about what we believe works best with him (Love and Logic, basically) and hope to see some improvement.

Whee!! Just in time for twins!!

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  1. Um, isn't that normal 3 year old boy stuff? That's wierd that the teacher became "angry" with him and sent him to the office, he's THREE!

    Anyway, he sounds like a lot of fun!!!