Monday, October 01, 2012




There is a lot I like about this picture.  I like that all my kids are in it, I like that I am looking right at Finn, I like that you can see right into my kitchen and out the kitchen window (which is open!  because the weather is gorgeous!), I like the splash of turquoise that is my Kitchen Aid, and that you can see we drank some wine with lunch.  I’m not too crazy about my neck. 

Had most of our family here yesterday for lunch and birthday cake.  It is such a joy to me to have them in our home, and just spend the day eating, drinking, and enjoying each other.  It gets a little crowded around the table but I embrace that too.  We just cram in and enjoy the good food, which was really good yesterday because my mom made it all. 

The kids would rather have everyone here that go out to eat or do just about anything really.  Duncan has always loved his tribe and feels safest and happiest when we are all here…all generations.  If he had his way, my mom and sister, Iain’s sister and her husband and all the critters would all live with us under one roof.  I suspect the little ones will be the same.

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