Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today I am…



  • Stealing blog post ideas from this gal because I think she is really awesome and her blog inspires me more than any other. 
  • Getting stuff done.  Throwing out so much that we just don’t need and with each bag, I feel a little lighter, a little less stressed and a little more in control.  Also donating…not just cluttering the landfills.
  • Determined to get all the laundry put away.
  • Taking Claire for her follow up appointment after her hospitalization last week.
  • Planning on carving pumpkins with all three kids.
  • Panicking about Halloween costumes. 
  • Planning on a decent dinner.
  • Grateful that Iain is coming home, even if it’s just for about 12 hours before he leaves again.
  • Praying for Duncan at school because he is a great kid and I love him and school can be hard sometimes.
  • Drinking too much coffee.

What are you doing?

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