Monday, October 23, 2006

Step Away From The Highchair and No One Gets Hurt

Eating habits. Where do I start? Duncan eats alot of cheese, pasta, fruit and vegetables (I hate the word "veggies" but I don't know why) but not alot of meat. I've tried it all and he really doesn't like it. Should I worry?

He has started to try to use a spoon and fork and bowl. He seems to be willing to eat almost anything I will put in the bowl. Maybe I should try meat! Hey! Lightbulb moment!

He does not have a sweet tooth, but loves Jello with the passion of a hundred romance novels. He also loves cold cereal when Iain and I are eating it. Grape Nuts? Loves them. Shredded Wheat? Delicious. Chocolate chip cookie? No freaking way.

When chewing, if offered a few bites of something else, instead of swallowing he just opens his mouth and lets the food fall out onto his shirt, or mine, or high chair, or whatever surface is closest and then crams the new food in.

Speaking of cramming, he is like a gerbil. So much can fit into those little cheeks!

Now, how exciting was that?

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  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Okay Anonymous is me - Carol-Ann.

    Can't sign in properly because of the "beta account thingie."

    Not very many toddlers like meat. It was a struggle with both Maya and Dominic and while we are getting there Meat is the hardest thing to get Maya to eat even now. Don't worry about it. He likes cheese so you're golden. With Maya we used to sneak tofu into things to make sure she got her protein.