Thursday, March 04, 2010

Trifecta of Awesomeness

As long as Duncan stays in green at school, I let him choose something to do that afternoon. Today was one of those perfect early spring days, so along with friends, we went to the park. Four and a half is a fun age, because they really do have little friends that they care about and like to play with. So, we got to the park and were not out of the van for twenty seconds when the boys spotted a large pile of wood chips. About seven feet high and maybe ten or twelve feet long. Big pile. Climbable. So, the boys were having a ball on the wood chip pile, when the first train went by. This park is right on the light rail line, so trains go by every ten or twenty minutes depending on the time of day. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the house across the street was doing some remodeling. A Bobcat. A cement mixer. It was...amazing. I wish I'd had a camera to take a picture of the backs of their heads as they all sat, still as stone, watching the driveway being poured.

Claire and Finn grow restless in the stroller after well, not very many minutes, so I pushed them over to the swings. They can still fit back to back in one of those bucket swings and love it. Very much. Baby laughter. So the older kids played, the babies swung (swinged?) and the mommies chatted. Great day.

We got home around 5:00. I drove around for a bit because Claire fell asleep and you know what they say...fifteen minutes in the car is like fifteen minutes in the car. But it was enough that she would not completely melt into a puddle before bedtime. Got the babes in their chairs and Duncan at the table and gave everyone dinner. Baby girl can eat. Finn? Could live in Ritz crackers, raisins and milk. Claire eats anything I give her, with few exceptions.

Got the babies in bed, Duncan in the bath and the house cleaned up a tiny bit. Got Duncan in his pajamas (okay, the tee shirt I intend him to wear to MOPS tomorrow) and we got in the bed for stories and books. And planning his birthday party. It's not for three months but he is making his lists and going over plans. Currently, he wants a hockey party at "The Plaz" (a/k/a Plaza of the Americas) and only boys are invited. Although tonight he did start to make exceptions to that rule. The sister of his current BFF is invited, and I can go to look after Finn.


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