Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So, a new year...again. 40th time, actually, for me. I have the best of intentions, but what good are intentions anyway? I have started off the day well, with black coffee and a nice hearty bowl of my whole grain cereal. Let's hope I can ignore, if not toss, the two pieces of my sister-in-laws shortbread.

In my 41st year (it's my 41st, right? If I'm 40? I always get that mixed up, but believe it is actually my 41st year on the planet) I intend to do many good things, one of which is get back down to my wedding weight of 134 pounds. Boy! I thought I was so heavy at 134. Foolish, foolish girl. Size 8. 134. I can only hope.

I will start by taking a beginning belly dance class for the next four Saturdays. Much fodder for hilarity in my upcoming posts, I am sure. I also want to use a personal trainer but am reluctant to take The Boy to the gym and put him in the "Kids Activity Center" (a/k/a KAC) because of germs and other unsightly things. He's never been in any kind of "center" before and yes, I'm turning into one of those moms. I know he'd be fine but after what my husband and I have endured in trying to become parents of a living, breathing child, I am a bit overprotective. More about That (with a capital "T") later.

So, in my constant and unfading naiveté, or possibly just guilelessness, I’ll share with the entire world my victory over baby weight, new motherhood, and the transition from being in the hoity toity world of higher education to being at at-home mom.

Happy New Year.