Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break '09 Day 2

Duncan woke up at Aunt Becky's and went to the Dallas World Aquarium. How fleeting the time is when he's gone! Did I say that out loud? Love that kid.

Briefly, here's how the rest of SP09D2 has gone:

*Duncan decides to take a bath at 3:00. At 3:30, he goes to backyard to dig for dinosaur bones and earthworms. So much for the bath. But Love!When!He!Is!Occupied! Note to self that digging for earthworms makes permanent "List of Things For Duncan To Do" list.

*5:00 - Duncan comes in to wash his hands and eats piece of chocolate cake that is soaked in dishwater. Nice. I talk him into grapes instead and teach him how to wash them (genius!).

*How long until bath (number 2) and bed??? Surived Day 2. Must plan for Day 3.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ziggy's Tree



I think we planted this in 2003, making it 6 years old. It's so gorgeous! I love that it's the first thing to bloom every year.

Love you Zig.
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