Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I Really Want For Mother's Day

  • Coffee on the back porch, in silence.  Maybe while I read my book.
  • No crying while we get ready for church, and try to get out the door.  Just this once.
  • Before you yell, "Mommy" for you to stop and think...can Daddy do it?  Maybe, just maybe,  you could even do it yourself?
  • Hang the curtain rod over the window by my computer so I can hang up those free curtains I got at the Mommy Swap.  This will make me very happy and bring me daily pleasure.
  • An hour of uninterrupted silence to read my book.  I am almost at the end of book 5 of the Game of Thrones series, so please.  Maybe hubs will take the kids to the park?
  • The dishwasher to be loaded and unloaded as necessary.
That's pretty much it!  No flowers, cards or new Kate Spade wallet (ahem...maybe for my b-day though) necessary.  I already feel loved and appreciated, and my love knows no bounds for all of you in return.  I have received my favorite, home-made with your own tiny hands precious gifts.  I love those more than anything.