Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Picture Almost Every Day–Day 19



Got their first ribbons at gymnastics today for doing a chin hold on the bars for 13 seconds.  Glad Claire has started on the road to accumulating trophies and ribbons too!  Great fun. 


Monday, February 18, 2013

February Picture Almost Every Day–Day 17



This was a day worth blogging about.  What started out fairly ordinary, ended up being one of our best, most fun family days to date.  We went to church, which was fairly routine.  Got everyone dressed and out the door with as few threats as possible.


After church, and a bite of lunch, we headed out to the rarely-if-ever visited city to our west, Ft. Worth.  Being tired from a party with friends the night before I had my doubts if we would survive with no melt downs.  And this pic was on the way THERE.


But we made it, thanks to Groupon, parked at hit the streets of historic Ft. Worth.  Wow!  What a great place!  Lots of people, and much to our dismay…no rodeo.  We had gone with the promise of the rodeo.  Kids chasing sheep!  Horses!  Steers!  Fun!  On Friday and Saturday nights!  Oh darn.  Well, hey!  Let’s make the best of it.  Let’s let the children have a pony ride to sooth their disappointed little hearts. 




Sweet ponies.  Until they are not.  Duncan’s pony got spooked at something, started kicking wildly and bucked him.  Off.  I watched as if the whole thing played out in slow motion…he flew up in the air, came down hard and the pony continued bucking and kicking.  I was terrified he was going to get kicked in the face, or the arm…ugh.  Thankfully, none of that happened but he was really frightened.  The old cowboy in the picture with Finn felt terrible and rushed to his side, walked us out of the pen, sat him down and talked to him the whole time.  We went to go use the bathroom and talked him into trying again.  And he did.  Got right back on…not on the back of Bad News Pony, but on Clyde…sweet pony.  That ol’ cowboy pony handler had tears in his eyes telling me how happy he was that Duncan came back and got back on.  He reckoned he was real proud of that boy.  Hurray!  Our big turn of events.

The cattle drive is amazing.


We moseyed on back to our car, and found some amazing Mexican food.  Really amazing.  Thank you Yelp!  Even promised the kids ice cream on the way home!  We were good parents!  On a parenting high!  Stopped at Braum’s on the way home and everyone collapsed into bed…including me who fell asleep at 8:00.  In Finn’s bed.


February Picture Almost Every Day–Day 16



How can anyone say Nibbles isn’t cute?  Shocked how much I love this creature.  She is sweet, and truly affectionate.  Amazing compared to all the hateful hamsters and gerbils I had growing up.  Love the rat!!

February Picture Almost Every Day–Day 15



Sometimes it’s hard growing old.  I need readers, and need them everywhere because I need them for everything.  Grateful that they come in packs of 3. 

February Picture Almost Every Day–Day 14



Valentine’s Day was big around here this year.  But, after school we drove out to see Granny and Aunt Becky.  Stopped at Braum’s first.  Was a good day! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Picture Almost Every Day–Day 13



Finn has been very excited about Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure what he thinks is going to happen but we talk almost every day about how many sleep times it is until the big day.  Today (the 13th) was their class party at school.  So many cute, clever Valentines.  This one was from their teacher.  I did pretty good last year, but this year really mailed it in.  No candy.  Just those cheapy little cards from Target.  When I picked up Claire and Finn from preschool they were really pumped…bags of candy!  Love this day!  What will tomorrow bring!?


February Picture Almost Every Day–Day 12



I am so far behind on this project I’m not sure what to do.  But this pic is from Tuesday, Day 12, at gymnastics.  Claire on the beam.  I love watching her.  It’s something she loves, and I believe if she works hard could excel at.  But she is going to have to work hard.  Iain and I don’t really buy into the whole “gifted” concept…that some kids are given gifts that others are not.  That just seems kind of wrong.  We do buy into that kids who work hard can excel.  We try not to tell our kids how smart they are, or how good they are at something…but instead to praise them for hard work and effort.  So, I’d like to see her work hard at gymnastics! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

February Picture a Day–Day 11



Our dining room has been bereft of any color.  Beige walls, brown floors, brown table, brown chairs, brown light fixture…blah.  So, I finally got some drapes on the window and think they will lead me to wonderful, colorful places in this room.  I’d like to paint that awful light fixture (previous owners REALLY dug the Home-Depot-Meets-Pottery-Barn look, so not me.)  So, I think I will paint it a creamy white and get some colorful shades for it.  It’s a start.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Picture a Day–Day 10



We have gotten into the habit of taking a picture every Sunday morning, when they are all ready to go to church.  It’s funny now, because if I don’t do it they start to bug me about it and get a bit ornery.  So, I do it.  And I am glad…because I simply cannot scrapbook and this will be what I have instead.  Snapshots of chaotic Sunday mornings that hopefully will be a good memory for them! 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Pintimidated - Hair



So, I read this and pinned it on my Pinterest board, thinking it was just what I needed.  My hair is long, and I have a lot of it so a fresh wash and blow dry just isn’t going to happen until 2027.  Hopefully.  So I twirled up my best Princess Leia hair. 

And the next morning?


Interesting.  Kind of worked.  And gives me more time to put on make-up, clearly needed.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

February Picture a Day–Day 7



I know I am missing days 4-6 and will put my pics in separate post.  Because I really did snap away on those days!  So today was the twins 4 year check ups.  This picture of Claire just about sums it up.  5 shots each.  2 of them, intramuscular and “real stingers” according to the nurse.  We tried to calm the storm of tears with suckers and prizes and donuts, and eventually everyone regained their composure.  Off the hook for a few years!

Monday, February 04, 2013

February Photo a Day–Day 1


February Picture a Day–Day 3



On our way home from seeing Aunt Becky.  Claire totally passed out in her seat, Duncan in his Cub Scout uniform “just because” and Finn not crying.

February Picture a Day–Day 2



We think Finn might have a future in engineering.  Or professional organizing.  Or parking attendant.