Saturday, December 01, 2007

Here is said rock. It's about two feet long, and 18 inches tall. Very pointy. Very evil. Someone right in front of me swerved to miss it, and I had no choice other than to swerve myself into the big SUV right next to me. Thus, I hit the rock. Iain did finally get a ride to come get us, so I put Duncan in the stoller and took him to the closest place to eat, a smoky sports bar, while Iain put on the spare. Have you ever pushed a toddler in a stroller into a sports bar? You get some very strange looks.
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Today we took Duncan to the Adolphus Childrens Christmas Parade in downtown Dallas. It was so great. We went with friends from church, and their kids who are Duncan's friends and allies. The weather was chilly and cloudy, just as it should be. We saw Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Arthur...really, it could not have been better. Only if Caillou was there would it have been perfect. But really, could they do a parade float Caillou, and do it well? I think not.

I have a picture of Duncan on Iain's shoulders, watching the parade and it just makes me weepy. Why do we parents get all weepy when our children experience pure joy? What is that? I am just starting to really experience it, now that he is turning into a real person. It was such an overwhelming feeling for me. To see my living, breathing child experiencing such happiness.

After the parade we took him to my mom's and sister's where he gets to do just about as he pleases. My sister made him some hot chocolate, and they shared it on the hearth. Iain and I left him there, to come home for about twelve hours of "just us" while Duncan has a ball with Granny and Aunt Becky. I got this pic from my mom about an hour ago, that he had more hot chocolate before bed. Sometimes I still can't believe he's ours. Thank you God, for this child.

It has been a crazy week. Monday morning, Iain's car would not start (my old Infiniti) so he took my car and left me home all day with a two and a half year old boy and no car. We survived! He decided to fix it himself (breathing deeply) and I did not protest. We need the money. So, on Wednesday late afternoon I was on my way to pick him up at work when I hit a huge rock in the road and shredded my tire, and bent my wheel. Pictures of said rock will be shown. It was not my fault! But I was in tears. Iain had no car and could not get to us, it was getting dark, Duncan was getting hungry (and crabby) and it was my pretty new car! All was okay in the end, but it was a stressful week. $640 later, the Camry is fixed. Iain has also managed to get the Infiniti running all by himself. Duncan had a great day. I am grateful.
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