Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monkeying Around


Went to a party last night for a friend who graduated from seminary and they had this monkey there. I wanted a picture of it, but thought I'd just stand close and lean in while Iain took the picture...then it jumped on my shoulder and **poof**.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift...

Iain has arranged for me to have the house to myself for the day, and for me to have a 90 minute, in-home massage! A former colleague of his is a massage therapist, and is going to come to ME. I just have to pick the day.

Life is good.

Coxsuckie Virus

Both babies were hit by evil coxsackie virus this week. Finn seems to have fully recovered, and Claire is well on her way. Duncan didn't seem to be affected.

Am slowly cleaning out the clutter. Babies clothes that they've outgrown, etc... I'm really excited about getting them into a bedroom. I will have a dining room again!

Note to self: look for big, round dinner table for newly large family.

Iain has traveled alot in May, and will do so again in June. I did not think I would be this confident this soon with all three of them by myself. But, I'm really not nervous about it. The bath/dinner/bedtime hours are pretty brutal but once I get them all three down it's a big reward to have time to myself. And, once the babies are out of the dining room I wont have to worry about making noise and turning on lights and can like, do stuff.

Am going to drink my coffee now. More later.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Haircuts and Mother's Day

Daddy is home from his week in Salt Lake City (hurray!). This morning, he told Duncan that they were going to go vote (must teach boy about civic duties) and go get haircuts. Duncan's response was, "haircuts are fascinating, but kind of scary. And they take too long."

So, Daddy is home today and tomorrow then back to Pittsburg on Monday. Last week was not too bad, considering I had all three home with me and no Dad. Next week may be a different story. I wont worry about that now.

So, off they have gone for voting and haircuts. Grandpa is coming later and they will hit the playground. Duncan was also told they had some shopping to do (hello Mother's Day!) and his face lit up! Tractors! A new excavator! Extreme disappointed seemed to fall when he was told the shopping was indeed for Mommy. His response? "We had Mother's Day at school already."