Friday, May 30, 2008

More party pics




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Playgroup Party


Had D's playgroup today for cupcakes and mayhem. I was really proud and was able to control my normally high level of pre-party anxiety. I didn't even worry about sweeping the floor because, really, why? It was a great day, lots of wild running around but the kids did great. Ate cupcakes in peace, then for the first time Duncan wanted to open his presents at his party. It was kind of old-fashioned and fun. He and I are exhausted.

On a separate note, I'm kind of digging my hair.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day '08


We had a great day. Went to my sister's and mom's for swimming and brisket. Duncan regained his love for the pool, after being rather timid earlier in the week. I found my old maternity swim suit from my Duncan pregnancy and wore it, but decided I need a new one. Spaghetti straps on a maternity swimsuit? Not such a good idea.

Iain is so very happy about his new job and just walks around like a different man. It's such a good thing for our family. They are putting no pressure on us to relocate, so we are hoping we can delay it until after these two new babies come. I still can't call them twins, for some reason. Well, I can I suppose, but I prefer just to call them two babies. They really aren't alike, they are just going to be born on the same day. For some reason, in my brain (which is plagued by hormones and exhaustion) twins are exactly alike. Forgive me, any of you moms of fraternals out there who embrace the twin moniker.

I am 14 weeks, still feeling kind of pukey and tired, but have some good days! I am really starting to show and hoping that my pregnancy goes well so I can avoid bed rest, etc...

We find out the sex of the babies June 24th! I wont tell you what I'm hoping for. I know I would offend someone, so why do it?
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Big Doings

11 weeks and feeling pretty terrible. This will be brief! Without caffeine I am not a good blogger...not that I was previously.

Saw my perinatologist yesterday and things look great with both babies. A is smaller, and not as active but has a higher heartrate. B is bigger (by one day) and a real wiggler. They are both about two inches long.

Iain has been given a nice promotion at work, and it looks like we are moving to Phoenix, most likely. The twin cities (ha ha) are also a possibility, but I really think Phoenix will be a better option.

Other than that, things are normal!