Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth



Claire loves horses.  She got the Tangled set with the doll and Maximus and leaves poor Rapunzel to fare for herself while Claire and Max go have good times.  I found her four plastic horses, about twelve inches high, at my favorite thrift store a few months ago and she takes at least two of them everywhere we go.  We have Buttercup, Apple, Smoke, Brownie, Big Brownie, Maximus and Tiny Horse.  She reads books about horses and has long talked about riding one at the zoo.  A really great friend of mine gave her an unbelievable rocking horse for Christmas last year, which I think started it all.  Baby dolls lie lonely in the floor but the horses make magic happen. 

Finally, Aunt Becky made her dream come true. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Major Upheaval



Friday afternoon was a pretty spectacular day, weather-wise.  Just about 70 degrees, sunny.  Very nice for January.  So, I invited my great friend over after we picked up our kids from school.  We’d sit on the patio, drink wine, menu plan, and watch the kids play peacefully. 

Finn had been complaining that he didn’t feel well, and that his body hurt.  Finn doesn’t complain much but I have a hard time learning these lessons so I kind of down played it.  I told my friend, but she said she didn’t mind and we’d stick with our plan.  Hurray! 

Shortly after we got back from school, Finn puked all over the floor.  Panic.  Tears.  Lysol.  Got him cleaned up, as well as the floor and Iain took him back to lie down on our bed.  We all continued with our wonderful afternoon.  Finn emerged about twenty minutes later and despite my efforts to at least keep him on my lap, insisted on playing baseball.  Maybe it was the wine.  Maybe the glorious warm day.  But again, we just kept chugging along.

Friend and her kids went home later on and all seemed pretty fine.  Finn seemed better, just sleepy.  Saturday was “family work day” since we were having friends for dinner.  Again, Finn seemed fine.  We even passed the 24 hour, golden rule mark of kid vomit.  Cleaned the house, made pot roast, chocolate cake, had a really fun day.  Friends came for dinner.  Great time was had by all.

Sunday morning I thought to myself, “I must had had too much wine last night”.  But soon realized very differently.  Claire and I had both fallen.  She seemed to have a brief spurt, and recover quickly like Finn but that would soon prove wrong.  I took to bed most of the day.  I got up around 2, and Iain went to run some errands.  Just about then, Claire resumed being sick and did not stop until well after bedtime.  Duncan fell at 4 a.m.  Iain is currently in fetal position in our bed. 

I am glad for a few things.  That Iain and I did not get sick on the same days.  That Duncan is old enough to puke in a bucket.  That I have a good washer with a sanitize cycle, even though it takes 3 HOURS TO COMPLETE. 

Oh, and we managed to get 1 other child, and two other adults (at this point and time…there could be others) sick!  Hooray!  So, this morning we are having a Shawn the Sheep marathon.  Claire is still kind of listless but is drinking Pedialyte.  Duncan keeping everything down so I’m hopeful for school tomorrow.  I feel great!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Does this post make my butt look big?



Some of you may remember this post about jeans.  I loved it and took it to heart.  I immediately got rid of my old jeans with misplaced pockets and decided I would try to find some new ones.  I am always trying to lose weight and often find myself in the trap of  “when I lose xx pounds I will _________”  i.e. buy some new jeans.  This time I just decided to do it. 

I found myself with some time on my hands last Thursday (my only day in which I have five glorious, kid-free hours) so I went into Stein Mart.  There on the clearance rag were a pair that kind of spoke to me.  I knew I wanted a dark wash, and that the pockets had to be right.  I also knew that there were probably many pairs in Stein Mart that would lead me down the wrong path so I was skeptical.  I trudged into the fitting room, braved the terrible lighting and pulled these on.  Need I even say how grateful I am that so many jeans now have some lycra?  Glory be.

I wondered how I would know about the pockets so I tried to use my phone to snap some pics. Who takes pictures of their backside, much less in a dressing room?  It was that important.  I got a couple of shots and decided that they looked like they could work.  They actually fit, which was reason enough to buy them, but I’m thinking the pockets pass the long-butt test.  What do you think?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo Book

Shutterfly offers exclusive layouts and designs so you can make your book just the way you want.

I had a $20 credit with them (Free!  Because I ordered my Christmas cards from them.) and used it on a quickie photo book of the Christmas pics.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

January 1


This day, Time winds th' exhausted chain;
To run the twelvemonth's length again:
I see, the old bald-pated fellow,
With ardent eyes, complexion sallow,
Adjust the unimpair'd machine,
To wheel the equal, dull routine.
The absent lover, minor heir,
In vain assail him with their prayer;
Deaf as my friend, he sees them press,
Nor makes the hour one moment less,
Will you (the Major's with the hounds,
The happy tenants share his rounds;
Coila's fair Rachel's care to-day,
And blooming Keith's engaged with Gray)
From housewife cares a minute borrow,
(That grandchild's cap will do to-morrow,)
And join with me a-moralizing;
This day's propitious to be wise in.
First, what did yesternight deliver?
"Another year has gone for ever."
And what is this day's strong suggestion?
"The passing moment's all we rest on!"
Rest on-for what? what do we here?
Or why regard the passing year?
Will Time, amus'd with proverb'd lore,
Add to our date one minute more?
A few days may-a few years must-
Repose us in the silent dust.
Then, is it wise to damp our bliss?
Yes-all such reasonings are amiss!
The voice of Nature loudly cries,
And many a message from the skies,
That something in us never dies:
That on his frail, uncertain state,
Hang matters of eternal weight:
That future life in worlds unknown
Must take its hue from this alone;
Whether as heavenly glory bright,
Or dark as Misery's woeful night.
Since then, my honour'd first of friends,
On this poor being all depends,
Let us th' important now employ,
And live as those who never die.
Tho' you, with days and honours crown'd,
Witness that filial circle round,
(A sight life's sorrows to repulse,
A sight pale Envy to convulse),
Others now claim your chief regard;
Yourself, you wait your bright reward.