Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterest Cookie Pan Cleaner Thing



Not everything is as it seems.  I tried the rather highly pinned baking soda/hydrogen peroxide trick to clean your cookie sheets and make them like new thingie and you can see my results above.  I should have taken a picture of my before, but did not. 

Source: via D on Pinterest" target=_blank>So, not everything is as it seems.  It was really hard scrubbing, and I left it for more than the two hours suggested.  It does look better, though! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yeah, well…

I suppose blogging would be easier and smoother if I just did it every day.  Maybe someday I will get to that point.


Second grade started four weeks ago, which kind of wigs me out.  Four weeks?  Really? So far so okay.  I think he was anxious for a while because things seemed to be moving a bit faster than they did in 1st grade but so far his grades seem fine.  I think he is more relaxed since he is not the new kid this year, and a bit more confident in his friendships.  It is a small school, and there are only about 47 first graders so there is not a lot of room to hide if you are shy or feel isolated.  My prayer for him is that he is a good friend to all, and learns how to successfully navigate his relationships. 


Claire and Finn have started their new preschool and seem to love it.  Claire had one little nervous bump but she is SO very much like Duncan in other ways I suppose I could have anticipated it.  Otherwise, they both seem thrilled to go each day and are happy and chatty each time I pick them up, telling me wonderful stories about what they have done.


They are really growing up before our eyes.  Finn will occasionally drop the H bomb and say, “what the Hell is that?” and I shudder, then laugh silently.  Claire wants to be right by my side all day.  She especially loves to do anything with huge mess potential like cooking, or getting all up in my make up.  This morning I almost had to Google “getting nail polish out of eyes” but my panic was premature and it was only on her eyelids.  Found this pic from a year ago.


Hard to balance being so happy and relieved that they are growing and changing and being sad and bereft that they are growing and changing.