Friday, August 29, 2008


I am officially a soccer mom. Duncan started practice last night for a 3 year-old boys' team, The Gunners. Coaches are husbands of two of my closest friends and at least three of his team mates are buddies. It was hopelessly cute. It did seem strange that you could see the "Cars" pullup through the white soccer shorts, but whatever. And, that his shorts come to his knees and with the white shin-guard sock combo he looks like a big tampon. It was cute! And I loved it.
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Friday, August 22, 2008


Those of you with boys will probably appreciate the level of glee we had around our house when we came home today. This is the view from our living room window.

We are really into tractors. I mean, really, really into them. We have toy tractors, we watch tractor videos, we tell tractor stories, we have tractor books, Duncan and his dad walk down to the end of our street where they are doing construction just about every day to see the tractors, but we have never had one right in front of our house, like he is coming to dinner.

As far as my glee, I am finally getting the inside of my house painted! We have one large living space that previously was four different colors...macadamia, torchlight, some other darker toffee color I can't name, and clay tile in my kitchen. It looked kind of like a Starbucks. Now the whole space is "homemade biscuit" which is much nicer, brighter and cleaner. I'm a happy camper.

Onward and upward.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I fear, that today, is the beginning of a slippery slope of no nap. Perhaps I am rushing to judgment. But, it is 3:45 and Duncan is bouncing around the house.

We do have a house painter here, to paint the entire interior (yippee!) and I am sure that adds to his excitement. But I gave up. I tried everything. The last time I checked on him, he was doing somersaults on the bed. So, I give up. What will tonight be like? A nice easy bedtime? Or a walk to Hell?

I love the afternoon nap. It gives me a chance to have a little time to myself. I usually don't sleep, but I can do a few things that I would not otherwise. One of my greatest shortcomings as a mom is not feeling like I have to entertain my kid all the time. When he's awake, it seems impossible for me to just do what I need to do and let him occupy himself. He's not that kind of kid, and I'm a pushover. So, we are the perfect storm. I will truly welcome cooler days when he can just play in the backyard. That reminds me, I must find a swingset.