Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Pre-K 4

New lunchbox! Woo Hoo!
Saying goodbye to Claire and Finn...

New teachers Amy and Stevie...and clingy Duncan.
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Pre-K 4, Day 1

Did not go off too badly. Although a bit of denial was in play ("can we go to Hawaiin Falls Monday Maui Moms Club before we go to school?") he did well. A bit clingy at drop-off, but I'm sure by now he's fine. He's got plenty of friends in his class. New lunch box only added to the excitement (anyone know where I can get a lunchbox like the ones we used to have?).

Got home and am wondering what in the world to do with myself. Babies are not-trying to nap, but I am forcing them. So much goes through my head at night and then here I am, with some time to do stuff and I seem paralzyed. I do need to change Claire's and Finn's crib sheets because ohmygoshtheyaredisgusting. But can't do that right now. Can't really do laundry because my washing machine and dryer are SO LOUD THEY COULD WAKE THE DEAD. Maybe I will research new washers and dryers.

Pics later of drop off.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

End of Summer Fun!

This summer, while Duncan has been on breaks from school, we've had "Days of Special Fun" (better than Escaping from the House) and it has been much more fun and rewarding than I'd anticipated, especially the times that I've just had Duncan. Top pic is when I took all three of them on the light rail system (earned a merit badge, there, people) to a playground and train museum. Today we went to a great indoor amusement "park" where they could ride little rides and stuff.

I'm going to miss our Days of Fun.
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Three Hundred and Sixty Something

That's how many days we have until Duncan will start kindergarten. I already am feeling the tug. It sounds so cliche but it does go so quickly. I feel an urge to savor every single day of this upcoming school year. I feel a hesitation...should we hold him back? Wait another year? He is a summer boy, after all. But then, he would be a year behind most of his peers at church/school and I worry about that too. What a futile feeling, wanting time to stand still. But I do. I want four going on five to last and last and last. As I looked at, and loved seeing, all of the first-day-of-school pictures of friends of mine I had a knot in my stomach imagining myself next year.

But, send him we will, I suppose. So, for the next three hundred and sixty something days I still have him mostly to myself and do plan to savor this year and try to enjoy it on a daily basis. More fun, more play, more appreciation. Less worry. Less wishing time away, like I've been so guilty of in the past. It just seems that time will only speed up after this and first grade will come even faster...and so on.

So, for now, I am so grateful for the laughs and the tender moments as well as the exasperating ones, like throwing my keys in the toilet and filling the (empty) flowerbeds with water for your tractors. Oh, and pushing all of the books off the bookshelf because you saw Finn do it. Yes, even for all of those my sweet. Your fourness will be gone all too soon and I will miss it, just like I miss your threeness and your twoness and your oneness.

Tonight I will no doubt be clinging to the edge of the queen size bed, even though the only other occupant is a small boy who takes up more than his fair share and seems to want to sleep horizontally, and will want a drink of water at 3:47 a.m. And I will cherish that, too. Even though your head is kind of stinky.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Self-Fullfilling Prophesy

It's happened just like I thought it would. We have one week left before preschool starts and I'm starting to feel the tug and tear up easily when I think about this being the last year I will have him home with me more than not, during the week. Must stop now and gather my emotions. Back later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Turkey croquettes = Labor of Love.

First time to make them...did not read recipe thoroughly and did not allow for 2-hour chill period thus made them a day late (yesterday.) Turned out pretty good. Wish I had a fry daddy. Next time might just brown them in a skillet rather than deep fry because I never know what to do with leftover oil.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's 9:09 and I'm already exhausted. We all woke up at 6:30! To see the big planet in the sky! (Venus?).

Iain has gone to play raquetball with his dad and I'm home with the kids. One benefit of waking up so early is that both babies have already gone back down for a morning nap and I suspect Duncan will go to bed early. We have a swimming birthday party this afternoon, which should wear him out nicely.

On another note,

Dear Cooking,

Oh, how I have missed you and how I long to be reunited with my favorite hobby. My goal for September is to get back into the very wonderful routine of family dinner, at the table. Now that Finn and Claire can participate it is one of my main goals for next month. I also think it will help that it gets darker sooner and that swimming at Becky's and Granny's on an almost daily basis will cease. I will make sure the dining room table is clear of baby bags, books, calendars and crayons and we will move forward together.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camp Mommy - Day 3

Okay, so I totally skipped Day 2.

Day 3 of my 21 Day Camp Mommy. Duncan had spent the night with my mom last night so this morning I "only" had Claire and Finn. It is remarkably easier, though, when we just have any combination of 2 out of the 3 kids. Had our usual morning, without Duncan though, and then were off to Granny's. Apparently he was a perfect angel until I showed up, then decided to turn it up a notch. Why? I don't understand. Granny was off to the dentist and we were just hangin' out at Granny's, not napping, until about 2:00 when both Claire and Finn finally napped. Duncan and I swam for a bit, both babies woke up and we came home. Duncan fell asleep in the car, so it was a nice quiet ride. Got home, got the babies fed and let them roll/crawl around, fed Duncan (thanks Emily for the awesome dinner!). Daddy came home and we got them all in bed with only a few mishaps. Tired kids are the hardest to get to bed sometimes. Why is that????

I'm trying to lose ten pounds by my birthday so no sweets in the house. Cherries are good, but they are no substitute for a good old bowl of ice cream. Sigh.

Tomorrow....I have no idea. I am sure Duncan will wake up wondering what we'll do. I have Irma coming to clean so she can help with the babies for a bit if I want to get Duncan out of the house. Aunt Becky comes home from her cruise tomorrow night. Hope she's well rested!

Monday, August 10, 2009

In Between Time

So, no preschool for 3 weeks. It's tough for me because on one hand, Duncan is a social, fun-loving kid who wakes up asking me what we are going to do that day. It's exhausting. I love that kid, and as soon as I get a chance to get some "me" time I miss him like crazy but Oh.My.Gawd. He is exhausting.

So, we gear up for three weeks at home. The first week is the hardest. Strangely, the days go faster now that I have three small children at home. There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done so I'm surprised at how quickly a day at home with all three of them can go. But, the first week we are all here, all day, every day, is still tough. Not a minute to myself, really, and for an introvert like me that's draining. No chance to recharge.

Week 2 goes a bit better. I feel like I've gotten one week under my belt and secretly think to myself "next week is our last week of this!" We do much of what we did via trial and error on week one, and get through it okay.

By Week 3, something strange happens. I start to get used to having them all three (read: Duncan) home all the time. I start to savor the moments, and know that in just one more year he will be gone so much more from under my wing. I embrace the all-day-every-day parenting and we generally have a totally great time and I dread the first week of school. Ah, cruel world.

The babies are getting really fun. Finn is everywhere. Into everything. He loves to look outside and will stand at the window and holler/scream in anticipation of it. He will flick every single magnet/toy off of the dryer (they don't stick to my new stainless fridge! Grrr!) over and over again. He's just funny. Funny to watch and play with. Claire is sweet, easy and non-mobile. She watches, and tries but so far I can walk away from her and be pretty secure in not worrying if she's head first in the dryer or something.

So, here it is. Day 1 of 21. Will try to blog daily. Right now, Claire is sleeping. Finn is in his crib, not sleeping. Duncan is naked, watching Caillou. And I am counting the hours until gymnastics at 4:30!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vacation - Montana

After we left Idaho, we drove to Montana, just south of Missoula where we stayed with my brother Randy and his wife, Frankie. And their two dogs, Gabby and Curtis E. Curtis E. is the bigger of the two, and the puppy. Lots of fun here as well. See for yourself.

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Vacation Part II

See? Here I am, reading. Notice there are no children in the picture.

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Vacation Part I

What a truly terrific time we had. Flew to Spokane (after delays, missed connections, overnight stays in unexpected places) and drove straight to Kelly Fork, where we stayed in a beautiful cabin about twenty yards from the river. Cold, clear water with great fly fishing, campfires, cocktails, horses, and family. I even got to read, people. I read an actual book, for pleasure.

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