Friday, April 19, 2013

Start to Finish



Here is how my day started.  Really lovely.  Husband agreed to take the little ones to preschool so that I could meet a dear friend for coffee  before she had to go to work.  We met a new place in our town which should and could put Starbucks out of business.  Delish.

Stopped briefly at home to find this…


Can you see the crazy look in her eyes?  Yeah, that’s from all the TINY MARTHA STEWART CRAFT GLITTER that she poured out everywhere.  All over.  The floor, the fireplace, the rug…it’s everywhere.  And impossible to clean up.  It’s even on the rat.  Poor, glittery rat.  Her daddy tried to wash her face before school but she went to school with gold glitter lining her upper and lower lids…very 80’s.  Oh, and it’s all over her scalp too.

Got everyone home from school and had impromptu play date at the park.  Finn hopped on a friend’s four wheeler and I really never heard from him again.


It was a really beautiful day, following a crummy cold, wet week so everyone was really happy to spend the afternoon outside with great friends.  I snapped this pic of Duncan with some of his greatest buddies and love it because they still look like kind of little and enjoying little boy things like just swinging. 


Came home, made a quick stir fry…tried something new. Duncan eating all of it, Claire just eating the steak, and Finn just eating the rice.  Works out well.

Happy weekend!