Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Big morning around here. Plenty of candy and cookies have already been consumed, a ride around the block in a new race car and watching the ol' Yule Log on TV. Good times and God bless.

Iain, Christie, Duncan, Claire and Finn
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas '08




Getting ready for Wednesday night church is not so easy anymore, but I did manage to get Finn and Claire (or Fair and Clinn as I call them half the time...why?) in cute outfits, hats and socks. Might be the only time!

Duncan then had his preschool sing along on Thursday...pretty hilarious and cute. Love that stuff and am a total sucker for it. What would we do if they all behaved perfectly? Be sorely disappointed.

Today has been pretty good. Duncan and Iain have raked lots of leaves, and the babies and I have kind of cocooned indoors. It's not been half as bad as I thought it would to be home with all of them all day long as Daddy's here too.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

thanksgiving weekend





typing one handed, feeding claire in middle of night so no great post...not that they ever are.

d's party at school, family pics, etc...
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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Big brother Duncan had a soccer game yesterday, not that he actually plays, but it's fun for him! He is doing great, but is really demanding more attention. He does love "his" babies, though. So much that I caught him licking them.

We are on our own at this point and need to figure out how we'll work it out. Last night we tried shifts, with me sleeping from midnight to three, and Iain sleeping from thee to six. My only issue is when it's time for me to pump, what do I do when both babies decide they are hungry? That is what happened last night. I put off pumping, had one baby on one knee and the other propped up on a pillow beside me and with one bottle, alternated between them (yes, I let them share bottles...Mommy of the Year!). It wasn't bad, but I don't know how much I can do that. I am thinking that if I can get up my supply, my only goal will be to pump enough milk to give them SOME breast milk every day, and not try to feed them exclusively EBM. I am taking this "tincture" called More Milk Plus. Egad it's gruesome stuff. I can dilute it in one ounce of juice to get it down but it still tastes like old, wet moldy grass. Happy times!

I will get pics of Finn, too. I promise.
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Saturday, November 01, 2008



I actually got a Halloween picture, and Duncan actually had a costume. Success! He had a great time trick or treating with his dad.

Too tired to post much else, but will soon.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

35 Weeks

Baby A (girl) weighs 5 pounds, 6 ounces. Baby B weighs 5 pounds, 4 ounces. Already twice as much baby in me as I had with Duncan at the time of his birth, and I am feeling every ounce of it. Lots of pressure, back ache, kicks, and discomfort but really nothing too terrible in comparison to what some women go through with twins.

We are on baby alert! Could be any day. Could be Nov. 7th.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I feel like a real parent!

I got my first call from a teacher/school. Well, my mom picked up Duncan from preschool today and he was sitting in the "naughty chair" (not sure if that's my mom's expression or the school's.) Apparently, shockingly enough, he does not always follow directions and is disruptive during nap/quiet time.


Yes, a three year old boy is disruptive during quiet time. According to my mom, the teacher said she became "angry" with him and when that did not appear to make a dent, she took him to the director's office. Something, I have a feeling, Duncan met with glee. An adventure!

So, I called the director and got the low down. Nothing too shocking, just that often/sometimes/frequently (I'm still not sure which) does not follow their instruction and on at least two occasions has not been quiet during quiet time. He runs around, tumbles, etc...

It's almost as if now the real parenting kicks in. I've just been keeping him alive up to this point. Iain and I talked about it and we are going to talk to his teachers and the director about what we believe works best with him (Love and Logic, basically) and hope to see some improvement.

Whee!! Just in time for twins!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Hockey Game


Duncan and Iain have gone to the Stars game, Duncan's first real hockey experience. I am home gestating and grateful for the peace and quiet.

I'm just large and tired and achy. No other way to put it. I was 34 weeks last Thursday, and so far everything is just fine. I don't think I'll make it to 37 weeks but we shall see. Selfishly, I am considering doing anything I can to bring on labor in about a week or so! I am really, really ready to be done. I have biophysical profiles of both babies on Wednesday and we will see how much they weigh. 10 days ago they were 4.5 pounds each.

I am in full-blown panic and nesting mode, which makes me really fun to live with! I just might give away everything we own in order to make room for more baby stuff. Even trying to keep in to a minimum, it's going to be a lot, and our house is very tiny!

We have hired someone to help us overnight for the first three weeks and I am really excited about that.

Too tired to type.

Must go lie down.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost 32 weeks

And starting to feel kind of miserable. I've got quite a bit of discomfort from the diastasis and my heartburn is getting worse. What else can I complain about? I have not shaved my legs in days simply because I cannot. The only pants I can wear are leggings. My maternity underwear are too small. The last bra I bought has five hooks. I think I am getting a cold.

That should do it.

Gratefully, I have lots of people stepping up to the plate to help. My mom comes about once a week to help me "pick up" as we say in Texas. I have Irma come every two weeks to really clean my house. My great friend Diana comes to help me clean out closets and drawers. I do not know what I would do without her!

Iain will be traveling alot these next few weeks, so Duncan and I will go to my mom's and sister's alot. I really can't do much for myself, and as much as I'd rather stay home and "sleep" (read: toss and turn) in my own bed I think it's best.

See my OB tomorrow and hope everything is still pretty secure in there.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OB Update

I saw my OB today. I'm not yet 31 weeks, but my belly is measuring 42 weeks. She was surprised at how large I was. (No comment). Both babies were on one side, so my tummy looked a bit like a ski slope. We re-evaluated my due date and c-section currently scheduled for November 7th, at 37 weeks. She seems to be questioning if I will make it that far. Her goal for me now is 34 weeks. She explained that my body might just decide it is done and go into labor, and that we need to be prepared (but not neccesarily plan) for that to happen. So far, there are no physical signs of any early labor but she stressed that with twins things can change quickly. She also encouraged me to limit my activity (normal) to about 4-5 hours a day. I'll see her every week and she will re-evaluate.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

Almost 29 weeks

On Thursday, I will be 29 weeks. Tomorrow I see my OB and my Peri and am curious to find out how big I measure, and how much these babies weigh. I am guessing 12 or 13 pounds each. No, seriously, probably only 9 or 10 each. Sigh. Yesterday in church I swear I had feet between my boobs.

I can still do most things for myself, as long as it does not involve picking anything up off the floor, or reaching any lower than my rib cage. Like, shaving my legs or painting my toes. I sleep okay, but darling husband has been on the couch for weeks due to my snoring. Flipping from side to side involves about a two minute break on my back, where I feel a bit like a stranded sea turtle, before heaving myself over to the other side, where I am comfortable for about an hour before I have to do the whole heave-ho again.

The weather has been nice, which has been a real blessing. Our over 100 degree days, I think, are gone. We now hover in the 90's which is not nearly as bad. I look very forward to the 70's however. Maybe by Thanksgiving!!! Ah, Texas.

More tomorrow, after I see both docs.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I am officially a soccer mom. Duncan started practice last night for a 3 year-old boys' team, The Gunners. Coaches are husbands of two of my closest friends and at least three of his team mates are buddies. It was hopelessly cute. It did seem strange that you could see the "Cars" pullup through the white soccer shorts, but whatever. And, that his shorts come to his knees and with the white shin-guard sock combo he looks like a big tampon. It was cute! And I loved it.
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Friday, August 22, 2008


Those of you with boys will probably appreciate the level of glee we had around our house when we came home today. This is the view from our living room window.

We are really into tractors. I mean, really, really into them. We have toy tractors, we watch tractor videos, we tell tractor stories, we have tractor books, Duncan and his dad walk down to the end of our street where they are doing construction just about every day to see the tractors, but we have never had one right in front of our house, like he is coming to dinner.

As far as my glee, I am finally getting the inside of my house painted! We have one large living space that previously was four different colors...macadamia, torchlight, some other darker toffee color I can't name, and clay tile in my kitchen. It looked kind of like a Starbucks. Now the whole space is "homemade biscuit" which is much nicer, brighter and cleaner. I'm a happy camper.

Onward and upward.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I fear, that today, is the beginning of a slippery slope of no nap. Perhaps I am rushing to judgment. But, it is 3:45 and Duncan is bouncing around the house.

We do have a house painter here, to paint the entire interior (yippee!) and I am sure that adds to his excitement. But I gave up. I tried everything. The last time I checked on him, he was doing somersaults on the bed. So, I give up. What will tonight be like? A nice easy bedtime? Or a walk to Hell?

I love the afternoon nap. It gives me a chance to have a little time to myself. I usually don't sleep, but I can do a few things that I would not otherwise. One of my greatest shortcomings as a mom is not feeling like I have to entertain my kid all the time. When he's awake, it seems impossible for me to just do what I need to do and let him occupy himself. He's not that kind of kid, and I'm a pushover. So, we are the perfect storm. I will truly welcome cooler days when he can just play in the backyard. That reminds me, I must find a swingset.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Me (22 weeks) and great friend Marjorie, also pregnant with twins, (28 weeks). She's having two girls. Our husbands became friends while at UT getting their MBA's, and are also great friends. They also have Grant, who is almost 4 and a good friend to Duncan.
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Friday, May 30, 2008

More party pics




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Playgroup Party


Had D's playgroup today for cupcakes and mayhem. I was really proud and was able to control my normally high level of pre-party anxiety. I didn't even worry about sweeping the floor because, really, why? It was a great day, lots of wild running around but the kids did great. Ate cupcakes in peace, then for the first time Duncan wanted to open his presents at his party. It was kind of old-fashioned and fun. He and I are exhausted.

On a separate note, I'm kind of digging my hair.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day '08


We had a great day. Went to my sister's and mom's for swimming and brisket. Duncan regained his love for the pool, after being rather timid earlier in the week. I found my old maternity swim suit from my Duncan pregnancy and wore it, but decided I need a new one. Spaghetti straps on a maternity swimsuit? Not such a good idea.

Iain is so very happy about his new job and just walks around like a different man. It's such a good thing for our family. They are putting no pressure on us to relocate, so we are hoping we can delay it until after these two new babies come. I still can't call them twins, for some reason. Well, I can I suppose, but I prefer just to call them two babies. They really aren't alike, they are just going to be born on the same day. For some reason, in my brain (which is plagued by hormones and exhaustion) twins are exactly alike. Forgive me, any of you moms of fraternals out there who embrace the twin moniker.

I am 14 weeks, still feeling kind of pukey and tired, but have some good days! I am really starting to show and hoping that my pregnancy goes well so I can avoid bed rest, etc...

We find out the sex of the babies June 24th! I wont tell you what I'm hoping for. I know I would offend someone, so why do it?
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Big Doings

11 weeks and feeling pretty terrible. This will be brief! Without caffeine I am not a good blogger...not that I was previously.

Saw my perinatologist yesterday and things look great with both babies. A is smaller, and not as active but has a higher heartrate. B is bigger (by one day) and a real wiggler. They are both about two inches long.

Iain has been given a nice promotion at work, and it looks like we are moving to Phoenix, most likely. The twin cities (ha ha) are also a possibility, but I really think Phoenix will be a better option.

Other than that, things are normal!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bluebonnets '08


Is there a better way to enjoy the bluebonnets? Ahhh...April in Texas. I must say, if we do indeed relocate to somewhere that is not Texas (sigh) I will really miss the bluebonnets.

So, it's the Stanley Cup playoffs. I wont say much more other than I'm glad we have two Tivos.

I'm feeling pretty terrible, pregnancy wise. Some vomiting, all day nausea, etc...and very, very tired. I think it's markedly more difficult at 42 than it was at 39. Some nights I lie in bed and freak out a little, all to myself, about my age and having a newborn all over again. I have not forgotten how hard it is. But you know what? Having a three year old all over again scares me more!

Must go, my current three year old has been at the playground with his dad and grandpa for's 8:41 p.m. and they are just now on their way home. He will be smelly, tired, and so very, very happy. That's the three year old, not his dad.
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day Out With Thomas

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Yesterday we took Duncan to the Grapevine Historic Railroad's Day Out With Thomas. We had a great time! The weather was perfect, and in all stages so was our timing, which helps a great deal when on an outing with a three year old. We got to the shuttle bus right on time, got in the line for our train right on time, etc...

We love doing things as a family, and I'm a little nervous about how our great little threesome dynamic will be disrupted this fall. I suppose I better work that out, huh? I do get panic-stricken about not being able to spend all of this one-one-one (or two-on-one) time with Duncan.

Iain's possible promotion still looks very possible. That's a whole other ball of wax.

Friday, March 28, 2008

1st sono

Went just fine. I measured 5w4d, and saw appropriate sized blob/sac/baby. RE said measured at a "nice size." Later saw my OB who rocks this world, and she was really happy for me. I still don't feel too pregnant, but have tiny food aversions and am living on decaf iced tea. I'm also really tired, but who has time to be tired with an almost three year old boy?

Iain's possible job promotion is looking iffy. Did they "recruit" him to submit his resume? Oh yes. Discuss salary and bonus? Yep. But we haven't heard a peep.

So, it's Friday night and Iain is watching UT beat Stanford then will go play his weekly hockey game and I'll have a few precious hours to myself. God be praised.

Monday, March 24, 2008

For those of you keeping up...

Third beta was 2600...or thereabouts. Those 2nd and 3rd ones make me so nervous. The first one? Not so much, but the second and third kill me. Things are looking up.

Oh, and Iain was offered a promotion at work today. If we take it, we'd have to move to one of several cities that we can choose from like Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Phoenix (blech), or many in California. And possibly, San Antonio. San Antonio would be my first choice, with Denver following.

I am a little freaked out.

How do you blog more than a few lines when you have a toddler boy?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008


We had a great day! Went to a wonderful service at church, then to Iain's sister's house for a great meal with our niece and her boyfriend, nephew and his girlfriend, Grandpa and Peachy, and my mom. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have about twelve baby chickens (will explain later, perhaps) so that was a big hit, too. It was a really super day, but a little chilly for a Texas Easter.

No nap = 7:00 bedtime. Mommy and Daddy are tired too.

2nd beta was 855!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008


First beta today. Number above! A very great friend told me she'd be a wreck for "the next couple of weeks." Ha! Try until I bring a baby home from the hospital. I even get nervous just typing it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Got a + on a HPT today. Wow! I am shocked. I really, really had convinced myself that I was not pregnant (and had done a pretty spectacular job of making a list of all the good aspects of an only child.)

Of course, a positive home test does not a live baby make. So, we continue to jump hurdles.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Today we had Easter Egg hunt #1 with my MOPS group. We had over 500 eggs, and about 30 preschoolers. I think it lasted about four minutes and they were all gone! Most got about 7-10 eggs, and a few got more...but we wont name names. Duncan got about 7 and seemed totally happy. I am really glad that so far, he shows no signs of being a greedy child. He probably would have been content with 2. He would stop, open his egg and with total excitement, show me what was inside. It was with my coaxing that he kept hunting for more.

I am doing well! I only obsess a few minutes a day, mostly while Duncan is napping, about any potential pregnancy. I will be thrilled if I'm pregnant, but if I'm not, will only be slightly sad and disappointed and only for a short time. I am excited about my life either way. We really do feel like a complete family, so any more children would only be above and beyond!

I have been sick (really truly, bronchitis, then the flu (and I had a flu warned), then a terrible stomach/gastro intestinal virus) or out of town for so many weeks that I just now feel like I'm getting back into my routine. I have an "office" in our house but it's really a spare bedroom that serves as a giant closet, where I can sit in a chair at the computer. It is a WRECK. It is also my spring project. I will take before and after photos, but wont show you the before until I have the after. It is shameful. I could get on any home improvement show with good cause.
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Friday, March 07, 2008

Transfer Tomorrow

Well, things have moved right along since my last post. This cycle was really long and full of ups and downs. I started the meds on February 8th and did not respond very well, and was sure it would be cancelled. In the end, my doctor's ego won out and tomorrow is my embryo transfer! I feel a bit ambivalent, and rather have an "okay let's just get on with this" mentality. I do not feel at all like I did before Duncan. It will be exciting and lovely if it works, but if it doesn't work, well, I will be sad for a little while but in the end will be 100%. Well, in most ways. There's part of me that will never be full or whole, but that part of me lives somewhere else most days.

The hardest part of all of this has been being so far from Duncan. I have not seen him in almost a week! He, however, seems to be having a great time with Granny and Aunt Becky with days and nights full of animals, television and ice cream. They (Granny and Aunt Becky), however, are exhausted.

I just found out a very young woman (32) in my MOPS group has breast cancer and I'm off to find her blog.

More soon. I fly home tomorrow!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Number ?

So, we (after much agonizingly drawn out discussions) have decided to try to have another baby. A 2nd? A 3rd? I suppose I am more comfortable calling it a 3rd. So, baby number three, or just "next one."

I am waiting to start my period and will start meds.

But for now, I have a two and a half year old boy (yes, they are different!) who has not napped and is throwing things in my living room. Must run quickly!

More later.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Wanna Play on a Team

Iain plays hockey on Friday nights, in an instructional league, but grew up playing in Montreal. He is delighted at Duncan's (age appropriate) passion for not just sports but hockey. The other day, Duncan put on Iain's helmet and instantly said, "I wanna play on a team, daddy." I think I saw tears of joy in Iain's eyes.

We are in the throws of trying to decide whether or not to pursue another pregnancy. I think this decision is more difficult, much more difficult, than the decision to try and have a baby when we got pregnant with Duncan, and even with Ziggy. We've won the lottery, haven't we? Why do we need more? So many arguments for and against. So, we continue to wrestle with it. We are under certain time constraints, so feel the need to decide immediately, like yesterday. But for some reason, we cannot.

Iain is still looking for a job in IT where he can use his MBA. I certainly hope 2008 holds at least that for us, if nothing else. Our lives seem so bogged down by his job misery, and job search. It seems as if we cannot move forward in any direction until this is resolved. I am certain it contributes to our struggle with another baby or not.

I have just showered and have a wet head, so must go. I have a few precious hours until I have to pick up Duncan from preschool! First day back after the Christmas break!
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