Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hambungah with cheese

So, two years ago today I was at the hospital, probably in my room with a gown on, being monitored like crazy and blessedly medicated by the wonderful anesthetist whom I shall never forget. The epidural was a woozy, but did the trick. Anyone who tells you it doesn't hurt being put in is a liar. I wish I could remember more vividly but once those meds kick in things get blurry. I do recall being in the delivery room, with Iain, and all the doctors and nurses. My anesthesiologist asked me how I was and I told him I was nervous, and about Ziggy and all that had happened. He said, "let's take the edge off" and he did. Then I remember my doctor walked in, and that she had on very large hoop earrings and thinking how odd that was. It seems like an unbelievably short time before she told me they were almost through and pulled Duncan out of me, and held his screaming little face up above the drape. Wow! Iain then left my side to go be with Duncan and then things start to get really blurry. I remember being in the recovery room with the biggest high ever. And not from the drugs. People kept coming in and telling me about him and where he was and what was going on with him all the time. I'd relive it over and over again if I could. It is the best memory of my life.

So now, today, two years later, I have this amazing boy who in the car I was telling that we would go to McDonald's as a treat to get lunch and bring it home (he'd been at Vacation Bible School all moring). He said, "hambungah!" and I told him I thought today we'd get cheesebugers. He replied, "hambungah....with cheese!"

He's now sound asleep and I am going to dig out the birth video to try and relive it as best I can.