Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hall Monitor

So, Duncan had a little bout of diarrhea the other day, along with some pretty awful diaper rash (which, gratefully, is rare for him.) In my infinite wisdom, and in the spirit of letting it all air out down there, I let him go diaper free after his bath. He was having fun! Frolicking! Giggling! Such video-worthy cuteness! So, as I was getting the camera ready he the hallway. I will spare you the details.

Called husband with a bit of panic in my voice, "um, where are you?" Thankfully, he was in the driveway. Quickly handed off boy (who thankfully had not danced in his mess...although he was doing that little baby stomp dance, his feet miraculously missed the pooh) and went to clean it up.

Ah, glamour!

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