Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Big Penis! Really big!

Okay, so you can guess what this is about, right? In the past couple of days, while in the bath or having his diaper changed, Duncan will exclaim, "big penis! really big!" in the way only a two year old boy can. With purity, and hilarity. He does talk about other things being really big, like tractors, and the muffler man at the muffler place on I75. But this? Particularly funny.

We wont talk about the rain because, really, don't the people on the news do that quite enough? But it needs to stop. Really. This is Texas. In July.

Hey, we are Baptists now! We got baptized into the faith last Sunday at our church and are really thrilled with everything that means. I would talk more about it, but I've had a pretty strong Tom Collins and it just seems wrong.

I will post tomorrow, hopefully, about all of the rain on our parade.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Wait 'til he calls that out in Church. Congrats on the baptism.

    Note to self - must get to Church; we're about to convert to heathens over here!