Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coxsuckie Virus

Both babies were hit by evil coxsackie virus this week. Finn seems to have fully recovered, and Claire is well on her way. Duncan didn't seem to be affected.

Am slowly cleaning out the clutter. Babies clothes that they've outgrown, etc... I'm really excited about getting them into a bedroom. I will have a dining room again!

Note to self: look for big, round dinner table for newly large family.

Iain has traveled alot in May, and will do so again in June. I did not think I would be this confident this soon with all three of them by myself. But, I'm really not nervous about it. The bath/dinner/bedtime hours are pretty brutal but once I get them all three down it's a big reward to have time to myself. And, once the babies are out of the dining room I wont have to worry about making noise and turning on lights and can like, do stuff.

Am going to drink my coffee now. More later.


  1. seriously, i'm so sorry you all are sick. But I couldn't resist laughing that you said "coxsuckie" virus. i'm no expert - but i'm not sure that is a virus infants should have.....

    can i help?

  2. Woodys Girl7:33 AM

    Big round tables are indeed great, especially pedestal types. I bought a 5' round about 3 years ago, and LOVE it for our family of 5. It seats 6 comfortably, and even has a leaf that expands it to seat 8 or more. With the pedestal support, it's great for accommodating highchairs, too.

    I LOVE envisioning what your life must be like now, C! Definitely a juggling act, but in the quiet of the evenings, I bet you have time to reflect on your blessings and smile.


  3. Is "Coxsuckie" the fancy name for "Hand Foot and Mouth Disease"? Luke had that twice when he was a baby. I'm sorry to hear that the babes have been sick. Hopefully everyone will be back to normal soon. Whatever normal is, right? lol Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  4. Okay, I laughed out loud too when I read "coxsuckie" virus. Sorry! :-) And this may not be what you're looking for, but Ikea has a really nice round dining room table with a built-in leaf. We were going to get it, but it would have been a little too large for our space with the leaf in it...