Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh man. I think what I need to do is just start my blogging in the morning so I can accurately write down the things that happen during the day. Because sometimes, I think to myself, "I can't make this stuff up."

All three kids were up just after six o'clock. So, naturally, the first thought in my head is, "they will all go to bed early." Because I like to live in the moment like that. Duncan loves to go in and see the babies, but I try to persuade him to at least let me have one cup of coffee before they are all three up and at 'em, since the babies seem happy and are just talking to each other. That argument does not work so I go to lift Finn out first and he joyfully laughs at Claire, still held prisoner in her crib. I lift her up and carry them both, excited to be alive and facing a new day, to the living room.

Once I have three cups of coffee, things get much better and the morning moves quickly. Both babies go back down for morning naps around 9:30 and I take a shower. When I get out, Duncan comes to tell me he's made himself a snack. I hold my breath until I get to the kitchen and see that he's made three huge mustard and pickle sandwiches. So many questions fly through my head. How did he get the pickle jar open? I cannot even do that. It was one of the brand new ones, that you have to pop the seal. Where did he get the knife? So much mustard. But he has not made a huge mess, and tells me one of them is for me! Mommy panic. I thank him and tell him I will save it for later. He eats his, but tells me the mustard is very spicy. Oh yes, my sweet boy, when you put a fourth of a cup of the stuff on your sandwich, it will be a bit on the spicy side.

But we had no time outs, no time in red, no big problems today. It was a good day at home, all day, all four of us. Plus a painter and a guy doing an appraisal for the square footage for the tax rolls and listing the house. And **poof** it's ten o'clock and the day is done.


  1. Love that he is so independent and was thoughtful enough to make you a sandwhich as well. So sweet! How has having your house on the market been?

  2. found you over at!

    and that sounds like quite a day! and my daughter would *love* those mustard and pickle sandwiches. ;)