Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Suckers

After vacation Bible school today, I had a babysitter come so I could take Duncan to a movie. Iain took him once, but it was about a year ago and he got a little scared so they left. My sister took him once, about six months ago and said he did well. I wanted to have a fun summer with him, since we will be throwing him to the wolves this August when we send him to kindergarten (okay, not really, but I have issues.) So, I wanted to take him to a movie. I looked at the list of choices and tried to decide between the lesser of two evils. Shrek III or Marmaduke. I called a friend to see if she and her daughter, one of Duncan's favorite friends, wanted to join us. She weighed in that they had seen Shrek III and while intense in a Disney-all-the-mommies-die sort of way, it was probably the easier for us mommies to sit through. Good point.

We got to the theater and Duncan commented on how hot it was outside and how cool it was inside. Smart boy! It was a "movie studio grille" so we sat at a table, in nice swivel chairs and donned our 3D glasses. We all looked awesome. We ordered popcorn, two strawberry lemonades, a Diet Dr. Pepper and an iced tea and settled in. I was prepared for nerves, and almost prefaced it with a "if you get scared just tell me and we can step out" but decided against it. And my genius paid off. He was mesmerized. I don't think he ever took his eyes off the screen except to look over at his friend Ashley and say, "hey Ashley, how's it goin'?" and to look at me and tell me how hilarious the movie was. Success! We had a super time. Tons of fun with my that. Cannot think about kinder or I will cry.

So, we left the theater and went to the bank to deposit some expense checks (hi honey! See? I'm takin' care of business, in addition to all the fun and games...) and go to the grocery store. Duncan got not one but two suckers from the teller which just about put him over the edge in the "this is a great day" department.

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  1. So super cute. You are creating such great memories for both you and Duncan. Funny enough, the summer before Samuel started Kindergarten, I took him to see Shrek II in the theater - his first theater experience. I have great memories of that day (and that summer).