Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God Knows If You're Lying

The day started out innocently enough...everyone slept until 7:30, and we were all in our pajamas...dining room table fort still in place, with every pillow and most blankets. First cup of coffee consumed but no diapers changed and certainly no breakfast made. Then, at about 8:30 the phone rang...it was the showing service asking to show the house between 10 and 10:30. I was kind of excited! There was alot to do but if Duncan was cooperative, and I moved fast I could get the house picked up, get the babies changed and fly out the door in time.

I was in the kitchen, about to refill my Keurig coffee maker when I heard Finn...in our bedroom...from behind the door. He had locked himself in. I didn't immediately panic because I had seen Iain pick the lock not too long ago. But, luck was not on my side and I simply could not get him out. His pudgy little fingers poking out from underneath the door, I tried to call Iain but it was just after 6:00 a.m. in SoCal. So, I called my mother...because...um...when all else fails call your 84 year-old mother who is twenty miles away. She told me to call 911, which I did and was transferred to the fire department who said they would immediately come to our rescue.

When the fire engine came down the street, sirens and lights blazing, Duncan was on the verge of bursting. Claire was clinging to me. And Finn..well, still crying in our bedroom. Five fire fighters...one toddler. They freed him and left, with a few neighbors looking on wondering what in the world was going on.

We (read: me) grabbed any remaining Hot Wheels, dirty laundry, mail and miscellaneous, threw it in the laundry basket a-go-go and got in the van and fled. We drove around, looked at horses at a nearby horse barn, trains, tractors, houses for sale and finally came home and went across the street to a sweet neighbors house until I was sure they had come and gone.

Later on in the day, as the afternoon creeped up on us, they all got pretty ramped up. At one point, Duncan was flying through the living room pushing a little car of Finn's and the next thing I knew he was right next to Claire and she was crying on the tile. When I asked him what happened, he replied, "she just fell". I asked him if he was telling me the truth then actually hear "God knows if you're lying" come out of my mouth. Who AM I? Oh dear.

There was then a naked in front yard episode and I knew bedtime was drawing very near. By 7:00 he was in bed and by 7:30 was asleep.

It was a rough day.

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