Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Big U Turn

When my oldest brother, who is now 61, was in college at Texas Tech, he and some friends did what they call "The Big U Turn". They just drove to Canada, from Lubbock, turned around and drove back. Kind of stupid, kind of genius. I don't know for sure, but I imagine that the drive up there was fun...for a few hours...then got long and tedious and at some point kept going simply because they'd gone too far to turn back. Then, an immediate U-Turn in the opposite direction.

That's kind of what it's like around here lately.

A few days ago, I wrote about some big decisions we were making and where we had ended up on most of them. Well, it looks like things are changing. Or might change.

First and foremost are our plans for kindergarten for Duncan. I was approached by a mom I know from Duncan's preschool one day last week. She stopped me in the hallway at our church to tell me that her next door neighbor is one of the kindergarten teachers at our neighborhood elementary school...where we would have to send Duncan if we chose public school. She also used words like "dynamic" and "fantastic" in describing her. I walked away thinking to myself, "hmmm...perhaps we should revisit the idea of our neighborhood school." And that's what we have done. My sister commented that Duncan sounded disappointed at the prospect of not "going" to kindergarten. Piece of information #2. Is THIS God talking to me? Is THIS Him giving me the clear direction I have prayed for oh so many, many nights in a row? So.Confusing.

On a completely different note, I really need a haircut.

So, now that I am doing a complete 180, my big U Turn, on Duncan's schooling there seem to be a million things to consider. School supplies, lunches, uniforms. The list goes on and on. Most people probably start planning this months in advance. We have two weeks!

I think I'll have alot to blog about.



  1. Oh, wow. Dropping off at kindergarten will be tough, no matter what school it is, I'm sure. I wish you peace and clarity. And, that you and Iain are on the same page. Keep us in the loop. And, yes, blog-fodder!

    But, other than finding the time to do it, hopefully shopping/preparing for school won't be too time-consuming. Just think of how our parents would have handled it (something pretty efficient and level-headed, I suppose). We survived.


  2. woodysgirl8:03 AM

    Are you able to request that woman as Duncan's teacher? If not, what if Duncan is assigned a NOT "fantastic/dynamic" teacher for his first public school experience?

    One thing to bear in mind is that you can pull Duncan out of public school at ANY time if things take a really bad (U?) turn. Not so easy to enroll him midway through the year if you try homeschooling first and then change your mind.

    A side note... school around here starts TODAY. So I'm glad you still have 2 weeks in which to make your final decision. ;)

  3. Hoping that everything works out for the best. She sounds like a great teacher. Fingers crossed!!

  4. I really think Duncan will do great! You may want to consider getting together with some other friends/parents for breakfast/coffee right after the first day of school morning drop off. I remember how much it helped me that very first time I dropped off Samuel at Kindergarten to be with other mommies who were feeling just like me, and to not go straight home and just sit and wait all day long. It will be okay, I promise! You will come to really look forward to all of the wonderful tales Duncan will come home with after school!!!