Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another week gone by

One of the things Duncan has struggled with in the past year is writing and coloring. He is a big motor skills kid. One of the things you must do in kindergarten is write and color! Whee! Last night his homework involved tracing his name four times, then writing it ten times. It was not as bad as I had feared, but we got it back today in his folder and she pointed out two things, mainly. One is the upper case A's in his name...they need to be lower case. The other is that I put his name on it, and he needs to do that. We are to have him practice writing his name. Oh, dread...thy name is penmanship practice.

This weeks highlights include:

  • Celebrating my mom's 84th birthday, with a home made lemon pie with coconut meringue. Oh yes, it is good. Lots of eggs, butter, lemon juice, sugar...delish. Strangely, it was almost too chilly to swim.
  • Tuesday is kind of a blur.
  • Church on Wednesday was thrilling in the "go to the basement there are tornadoes coming" kind of way.
  • Claire and Finn both had terrible colds all week and did not sleep well. Thus, neither did we.
  • A quick trip to Aunt Becky's and Granny's on Thursday and a "new" couch for Iain's office.
  • MOPS finally started again for me. Oh, glory day! I always walk away feeling refreshed and renewed even though I am co-coordinator this year and actually have to pray out loud in front of 90 women. It has been a while since I've done that! Probably best that my co-chair sprung it on my last minute today.
  • I am getting a new laptop! Big, big deal. Very excited. Thank you, honey!
So now it is Friday. All the children are asleep in their beds. The weekend is upon us, a birthday party, church, etc...hopefully a family visit or two. Swimming, perhaps? Cowboy football, certainly.

Signing off,

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  1. Both Samuel and Avery have been cursed with my extremely messy, horrible handwriting. Both of them are Lefties like me, but to make matters even worse, Samuel forces himself to be a Righty since in his mind, none of his classmates write with their left hand, so the right hand must be the hand he's supposed to write with too... Arg! But that's a story for another time. I once told Samuel's 1st grade teacher (whom I am really good friends with, by the way...) that I thought it was a joke that Samuel was on the A Honor Roll, making 100 averages in every single class, but he was failing handwriting. I actually asked her if I was supposed to take her "neat handwriting concerns" seriously (horrible, I know!), and she just looked at me like I'd lost my mind. :-) So, here's a practical suggestion that she offered me. Buy a handwriting tablet called Learn to Letter with GuideLines by Mead. They have grooves on the paper, along with pencil stroke motions printed onto the paper. If the child is writing the letter and moves the pencil outside of the groove, they can feel it and see where the pencil is supposed to be on the paper. $4/tablet... totally worth it. They worked wonders for both my kids. Found them at Target (but that was 2 yrs ago). You can buy them online too: http://www.mead.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product3_10051_10006_127818_-1_false_10051