Monday, May 02, 2011

A Moving Experience

So, we have sold our house, and apparently bought a new one! We are moving! In just under four weeks. I am very excited, and very overwhelmed. May was busy, as it was. But now, we must pack and do everything else that is involved in moving all of our worldly goods to another location, along with three small children. Things that are keeping me up at night include:
  • When do we dismantle and move the cribs? We can move our things into the new house on June 2nd, and must be out of our current home by midnight on June 3rd. Do we save the cribs for last? Do them first? My head. It swims.
  • Where do we sleep on June 2nd? Current house? New house? Must have all beds in one place.
  • Duncan's last day of school is also June 2nd! That just adds to the mix somehow.
  • Okay, so my list is not as long as I thought it would be.
We had a small garage sale today, got rid of some stuff and made about $100. Not enough to buy the camera that I want but enough to justify some Thai food perhaps. Gratefully, our parents all came to help with the kids and it really was kind of fun. We have about two weeks until we close on both houses, then about three more days until we have to be out of here. Sometimes I just sit and stare at all the stuff and overwhelm myself.

Should I move the twins into big girl and big boy beds when we move? See, more questions.

Should we keep the twins in the same room or put the boys together?


I am also trying to eat from the pantry and freezer. I would really like to eat up what we've got and not either throw away or move frozen food and canned goods. Things might get rather creative around here for the next two weeks or so! Tonight I did pretty good. I made a homemade pasta sauce with a can of organic tomatoes, oregano, garlic, basil. Yummy. Cooked up some frozen tortellini. Used a can of Pillsbury pizza dough and made a kind of ghetto version of bruschetta but it was good. Let me tell you. Oh, and the 8 green beans that I picked from our garden! We can each have one, then three lucky folks get an extra. Feeding my family.

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  1. Woodys Girl6:52 AM

    Congratulations!!! I know, it IS overwhemling, isn't it? FWIW, I would save the beds/cribs until very last - keeping at the "old" house only what you would need if you spent the night at a hotel.

    As to switching to Big Beds, you might consider letting everybody acclimate to the new home before adding another change. It'll be stressful enough for C&F to be in a new home without taking the familiarity of their cribs from them at the same time. KWIM?

    If you ultimately need to have all 3 children in two bedrooms (in one combination or another), I would think putting the boys together *now* would be best, since you likely would have to move Finn into Duncan's room eventually anyhow. If they will ultimately each have their own room, then I'd let C&F stay together for as long as possible before splitting them.

    Packing/moving always takes two million times longer than I anticipate! There is Just.So.Much.Stuff! Gah! And then there is the cleaning!!... cleaning the new house before getting settled, cleaning the old house before passing it to the new owners. Or maybe I'm just extra anal that way? *blush*

    Keep your eyes on the end result - new home, yay! - and you'll manage. :-)


    P.S. How is it the end of the school year already!?!? SHEESH!