Monday, October 10, 2011

Just a Regular Day

Well, here we are...ten years later.  The place I wanted to be.  All of this is really effed up, you know because you can't get your head around it.  If Z had lived, we most likely would not have had the life we have now...our path would have been different and I simply cannot imagine not having this life.  See?  Effed up.  So we kind of walk away from those kinds of thoughts.  They are not productive and get us nowhere.

While today isn't really like any other day, for the most part it will have to be!  Iain is in Seattle and Duncan is out of school so the chaos of all three of them at home (for the third day in a row!  with one more to go! gee willikers!) takes over.  I had thought about taking all of them to the zoo but a clearer head prevailed this morning and think maybe the local library and Chick Fil A will do.  Maybe we will Christen my new Kichen Aid?  Make Aunt Becky a birthday card?  It's kind of rainy and cloudy so indoor fun is best.  Right now the boys have every blanket and pillow on Finn's bed and are pretending it's their ship and the carpet is the water.  They have kidnapped Claire's teddy bear and just told her the bad news that her bear has been shredded up by Finn (a shark) in the ocean.  That's pretty good.

Happy Birthday Z.

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