Tuesday, March 06, 2012




Oh, sweet Finn. Where do I begin?  I need to get things written down before I forget this magic age of almost 3.5.  Random.

You love noodles, gummy bears, Fruit Loops, and milk.  That’s about it.  There are other things you will eat, but those are your main food groups.

Funny things you say include, “I’m okay!” whenever you hit your head, which is often.  When someone asks you a question, your answer is always, “pretty good”!  No matter what the question.  You also say, “What you are doing?” or “Where you are going?”  Consistently. 

You cannot sleep without blankie and your Toys 3 flashlight from Peachy. 

You hit the ball almost every time off the tee and are a bit of a phenom. 

You refuse to poop in the potty. 

You know all the words to Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Who Let The Dogs Out.

We love you Finny!

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