Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Things

We are very silly parents. We sit and watch Duncan, and applaud his every attempt at every thing. It is so much fun to be so silly. One thing he has figured out is clapping. I see lots of babies do this much earlier and wondered why! can't! he! clap! But now, he is clapping, mostly because we clap at almost everything he does. Again, bring on the silly.

What's really cute, though, is how he claps. He hits the back of his left hand with the palm of his right. Not quite perfect, but unbelievably cute.

I also think he's trying to say "duck duck" because I sing Old MacDonald to him so much. My husband thinks it's not "duck duck" but "da da". Maybe, but I think it's duck duck.

He took about four steps on Friday. He was rounding the couch, when he thought I was going to chase him, which brings on much delight. He just let go and took off! He was like, "whoa! what am I doing?" and dropped to a crawl.

Let's see, what else can I drone on about regarding my son. I am one of those moms. I have become what I used to fear and loathe. I have mom friends (one even drives a minivan) but none of us wear keds and we all have lots of education and are interesting women. But, we are moms and do discuss sippy cups and diapers and baby sitters alongside the news, books, art and other interesting things. It's awesome. My life is so awesome.

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