Thursday, December 14, 2006

So, today is Duncan's last day at Mother's Day Out until January 8th. Can you hear the collective sighs coming from my part of town? I have a very active boy, who really does need to be active...daily. The days of hanging out inside all day are long gone, my friends. He pines for the great outdoors. So, in my panic I found a Little Tykes slide on Craig's List for ten bucks, to add to the growing collection of things I never dreamed I'd have in my backyard. It's not is as great of shape as it appeared in the pic but buyer beware, right? The girl looked like she needed the money (we wont talk about how she had her two year old in the front seat in a seat be fair it was a pick old crappy pick up) so I am rationalizing the ten dollars that way.

So, I have toys in the back and plenty of books and am making plans for play dates and visiting granny. Don't get me wrong, he's a blast and I love being with him but I'm on a learning curve here. And, I also feel guilty if I'm not tending to his little brain all the time. I am not sure how much time out of our day is reasonable for me to not be playing with him, reading to him, tending to his needs. He's too little, really, to play alone for too long. Isn't he? It's tough.

The good part is he's hilarious. He loves to dance, clap his hands, play chase, stomp in the leaves, wrestle (that's Dad territory), read books, and go for walks to see anything and everything up and down our street. He's an endless joy to us. Every night after we put him in bed we sit and ruminate about how awesome he is. It would make any non-parent sick. Really.

He loves croutons (and will find the box among many boxes of other things in the pantry), snowmen ("man man"), and Arthur books. He is very afraid of plumbers, the bubble making toy he got for his birthday, and those reindeer with lights on them that move their heads that people have in their front yards.

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  1. Hi there! It's Kim from the boards and Mary Kay orders *waving* I found your blog thru Robins blog.

    Duncan sounds like a cutie pie! "man man" so cute!