Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tonight Iain was cleaning out our garage, it's "big trash weekend" and he (I think) needed a healthy distraction since it's Sunday meaning tomorrow is Monday...and work. He called me out there to show me some things he found in the rafters. Some really cool old upholstery fabric that was kept in a cardboard tube. Funky in a good way. And, touchingly, the baby shoes belonging to the children of the woman we bought the house from. She lived here for 35 years and raised three kids in this house...and left their first baby shoes in a plastic bag in the rafters of her garage. They all say "Michael's first" etc...on the soles in blue ink. I am going to try very hard to track her or her children down. Any ideas?

Duncan's language is exploding. "No no Jack" to my sister's dog, Jack is about the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Here he is in his Christmas finest. Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh he is adorable!! Love the vest too.

    That is really sad about the baby shoes. No idea how to track her down but I wish you luck, what a fantastic gift that would be to get that back. Good for you for caring enough to do it!

  2. Oh he is tooooooo cute. I must say though the vest surprised me. As cute as it is I wouldn't think it would pass Iain's "manliness meter" lol (I mean that in a good way you know).

    You little gy just makes me smile. He is beginning to look like a little boy. egads!

  3. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Did you ever track down that little lady? Switchboard maybe?