Monday, May 07, 2007

The June Cleaver Experiment

I’m probably really going to freak some people out with this one, but it’s something I’ve been leaning towards and am ready to fully embrace. I even bought Martha Stewarts home keeping book, and love it. A sign?

As I stood at my kitchen window, washing breakfast dishes, planning dinner and getting the ingredients together for a home made chocolate pie, I realized something. I like the traditional role I have assumed when we decided I would stay home with Duncan. I am a good stayer at homer. I am much better at this than I was an academic advisor and certainly than being a paralegal. So, if I am so good at this, and find it so fulfilling, I believe I should embrace it to the fullest. I even have on an apron, albeit an Alton Brown apron.

So, today was great (it is now 8:36 p.m. cst). I had a really good time with Duncan (can I tell you how often I said, “we don’t eat caterpillars!”), made that darn pie (which was a disaster, will post recipe later…perhaps someone can decipher what I did wrong), washed dishes, did laundry, cleaned the master bath (if you can call it that, it’s tiny), made the bed, even organized Iain’s sock drawer. None of that is too strange, but I did it with a different, better attitude. Hard to find the words, but I will.

Flame away.


  1. Feminism is all about choice. As long as it's your choice, staying home is no less feminist than becoming president.

    You worked damn hard to get here and deserve every minute of it, apron and all.

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    No need for flaming. I feel much the same way, and love every minute of it! Being a SAHM feels so much more "right" (to me) than pursuing a career in architecture.

    A long time ago, I heard a sermon that quoted a Home Economics book from the 50s. It basically outlined how to be a good wife, 1950s style. Funny how what it described (well, most of it) is what I perceive to be my ideal role as a wife/mother!

    I'm glad to hear you sounding so comfortable and happy. Drink in this beautiful time of your life.

  3. No flames from me. Sounds like my dream day really.

    I love Alton Brown, he's so quirky!

  4. I think June Cleaver looks good on ya.