Monday, September 03, 2007

And, back to life...

To the two wonderful gals from my long-ago life who commented on my post, thank you. I would have responded to each of you but either Blogger doesn't give me your email or I don't know how to find it through you posting. Email me!

It's Labor Day night, and I'm logged on my computer working my new Live Ops gig (see ), hoping to get calls. It's interesting, and possibly fun. I'll let you know later.

We got a new car last week, finally. Iains' Saab finally gave up the ghost so he went and leased me a new Camry. We are sedan people. No SUV's or minivans. Sedans. Boring, ho-hum, but that's who we are. I do love the car. But in the end, it's just a car and I don't get very emotional about them so there you go.

What else?

Iain is still looking for a new job. I am completely baffled at how difficult his job search is. I am tempted to post his resume on my blog, in hopes that someone will stumble across it and offer him a job. When he got that darn MBA from The University of Texas at Austin ( rated program career office people??) we really thought it would put us in a better position, rather than a worse one. Now we have to pay back these enormous loans and have nothing to show for them. Well, nothing in our bank accounts.

We really want to have another baby, but for that to happen he's got to get a new job. Fast.

Everything else is pretty great. Duncan keeps us laughing, like when he's lying in bed with us and all of a sudden says, "I farted!"

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