Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Today we had Easter Egg hunt #1 with my MOPS group. We had over 500 eggs, and about 30 preschoolers. I think it lasted about four minutes and they were all gone! Most got about 7-10 eggs, and a few got more...but we wont name names. Duncan got about 7 and seemed totally happy. I am really glad that so far, he shows no signs of being a greedy child. He probably would have been content with 2. He would stop, open his egg and with total excitement, show me what was inside. It was with my coaxing that he kept hunting for more.

I am doing well! I only obsess a few minutes a day, mostly while Duncan is napping, about any potential pregnancy. I will be thrilled if I'm pregnant, but if I'm not, will only be slightly sad and disappointed and only for a short time. I am excited about my life either way. We really do feel like a complete family, so any more children would only be above and beyond!

I have been sick (really truly, bronchitis, then the flu (and I had a flu warned), then a terrible stomach/gastro intestinal virus) or out of town for so many weeks that I just now feel like I'm getting back into my routine. I have an "office" in our house but it's really a spare bedroom that serves as a giant closet, where I can sit in a chair at the computer. It is a WRECK. It is also my spring project. I will take before and after photos, but wont show you the before until I have the after. It is shameful. I could get on any home improvement show with good cause.
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  1. Christie,
    WOW - how exciting. Please let me know how it goes. Praying for the best for you, DH and Duncan.