Friday, March 07, 2008

Transfer Tomorrow

Well, things have moved right along since my last post. This cycle was really long and full of ups and downs. I started the meds on February 8th and did not respond very well, and was sure it would be cancelled. In the end, my doctor's ego won out and tomorrow is my embryo transfer! I feel a bit ambivalent, and rather have an "okay let's just get on with this" mentality. I do not feel at all like I did before Duncan. It will be exciting and lovely if it works, but if it doesn't work, well, I will be sad for a little while but in the end will be 100%. Well, in most ways. There's part of me that will never be full or whole, but that part of me lives somewhere else most days.

The hardest part of all of this has been being so far from Duncan. I have not seen him in almost a week! He, however, seems to be having a great time with Granny and Aunt Becky with days and nights full of animals, television and ice cream. They (Granny and Aunt Becky), however, are exhausted.

I just found out a very young woman (32) in my MOPS group has breast cancer and I'm off to find her blog.

More soon. I fly home tomorrow!

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