Monday, September 08, 2008

Almost 29 weeks

On Thursday, I will be 29 weeks. Tomorrow I see my OB and my Peri and am curious to find out how big I measure, and how much these babies weigh. I am guessing 12 or 13 pounds each. No, seriously, probably only 9 or 10 each. Sigh. Yesterday in church I swear I had feet between my boobs.

I can still do most things for myself, as long as it does not involve picking anything up off the floor, or reaching any lower than my rib cage. Like, shaving my legs or painting my toes. I sleep okay, but darling husband has been on the couch for weeks due to my snoring. Flipping from side to side involves about a two minute break on my back, where I feel a bit like a stranded sea turtle, before heaving myself over to the other side, where I am comfortable for about an hour before I have to do the whole heave-ho again.

The weather has been nice, which has been a real blessing. Our over 100 degree days, I think, are gone. We now hover in the 90's which is not nearly as bad. I look very forward to the 70's however. Maybe by Thanksgiving!!! Ah, Texas.

More tomorrow, after I see both docs.

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  1. You keep me laughing, girl! Love your blog!!! I look forward to hearing all about your doctor's appt. I hope it went well. Ttys!!!