Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost 32 weeks

And starting to feel kind of miserable. I've got quite a bit of discomfort from the diastasis and my heartburn is getting worse. What else can I complain about? I have not shaved my legs in days simply because I cannot. The only pants I can wear are leggings. My maternity underwear are too small. The last bra I bought has five hooks. I think I am getting a cold.

That should do it.

Gratefully, I have lots of people stepping up to the plate to help. My mom comes about once a week to help me "pick up" as we say in Texas. I have Irma come every two weeks to really clean my house. My great friend Diana comes to help me clean out closets and drawers. I do not know what I would do without her!

Iain will be traveling alot these next few weeks, so Duncan and I will go to my mom's and sister's alot. I really can't do much for myself, and as much as I'd rather stay home and "sleep" (read: toss and turn) in my own bed I think it's best.

See my OB tomorrow and hope everything is still pretty secure in there.

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