Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just stuff

I am off to a MOPS potluck dinner. Very excited. Iain is in Seattle, Duncan and Claire are at my sister's and my mom's and I have a sweet babysitter here for Finn. Freedom. Girlfriends. Fun.

Leaving for vacation in just three days. We have not had a vacation in five years, oh gentle readers. FIVE years. So. Excited. Going to Washington (state), northern Idaho and Montana to visit my brothers and their families. Duncan's first plane ride. Poor Claire and Finn are staying.

Speaking of plane rides, the morons at US Air put me in row 8 and Duncan in row 12. Can we talk about what a catastrophic scene it would have been if this was how it was to be? The tears? The devastation? And we wont even talk about what Duncan would have done. I don't know that I've actually ever yelled at anyone on the phone before until the idiot at the call center in an un-named country. Do not mess with the momma bear in me. I will tear that plane apart to have that boy in the seat next to mine. Got it done. Thanks, US Air. You will get lots of bad publicity from me.

Got my cakeballs made and my jewelry on. Momma's goin' out.

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