Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 years, 8.5 months

Duncan at 4: Tender, wild, emotional, friendly, active, love of my life. He makes me crazy, but I cannot stand to be away from him.

Claire at 8.5 months: Funny, shy, happy, affectionate, laid back. She is truly our sweet baby girl. Breaks into a funny face when she sees someone she loves. Loves the water beit bath or swimming pool. Tries to lick everything. Screams for attention. Goes to sleep like a dream. Wakes up happy. Constipated. Not good at eating baby food. Sitting up but not pulling up. Not much hair, but there is hope.

Finn at 8.5 months: Happiest baby I've had. Cannot wipe silly grin off of his face unless you hurt his feelings, then the tears flow. Strong as an ox. Pulls up to a stand. May skip crawling and go straight to walking. Eats and poops alot. Laughs hysterically at anything Duncan does and truly shows hero worship qualities. I want to eat him up he is so delicious. Chubby with two bottom teeth, head full of brown wavy hair and dimples. Cannot decide if more girls will chase Duncan or Finn because I think I'm going to have two really handsome boys.

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