Monday, August 10, 2009

In Between Time

So, no preschool for 3 weeks. It's tough for me because on one hand, Duncan is a social, fun-loving kid who wakes up asking me what we are going to do that day. It's exhausting. I love that kid, and as soon as I get a chance to get some "me" time I miss him like crazy but Oh.My.Gawd. He is exhausting.

So, we gear up for three weeks at home. The first week is the hardest. Strangely, the days go faster now that I have three small children at home. There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done so I'm surprised at how quickly a day at home with all three of them can go. But, the first week we are all here, all day, every day, is still tough. Not a minute to myself, really, and for an introvert like me that's draining. No chance to recharge.

Week 2 goes a bit better. I feel like I've gotten one week under my belt and secretly think to myself "next week is our last week of this!" We do much of what we did via trial and error on week one, and get through it okay.

By Week 3, something strange happens. I start to get used to having them all three (read: Duncan) home all the time. I start to savor the moments, and know that in just one more year he will be gone so much more from under my wing. I embrace the all-day-every-day parenting and we generally have a totally great time and I dread the first week of school. Ah, cruel world.

The babies are getting really fun. Finn is everywhere. Into everything. He loves to look outside and will stand at the window and holler/scream in anticipation of it. He will flick every single magnet/toy off of the dryer (they don't stick to my new stainless fridge! Grrr!) over and over again. He's just funny. Funny to watch and play with. Claire is sweet, easy and non-mobile. She watches, and tries but so far I can walk away from her and be pretty secure in not worrying if she's head first in the dryer or something.

So, here it is. Day 1 of 21. Will try to blog daily. Right now, Claire is sleeping. Finn is in his crib, not sleeping. Duncan is naked, watching Caillou. And I am counting the hours until gymnastics at 4:30!

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