Thursday, September 03, 2009


This child is...I just don't have words. He injures himself daily, if not more frequently. He is fearless and focused. I will admit to not keeping a constant eye on him, but almost always know where he is and what he's doing. Opening (and shutting...over and over and over again) cabinets, pulling on drapes, finding the router (what IS a router?) and pounding on it...oh I could go on and on. He has a big bruise on his forehead that appeared today but I have no idea how he got it...honestly. He may be the first one to the emergency room for an injury and not an illness (I'm looking at you my sweet Claire). He has six teeth and has no time for baby food. Just give him chunks of anything, and some crackers and he's good. And he eats...alot...and often. And gets very dirty. He and Duncan are going to keep me knee deep in laundry and trips to the grocery store. How my grocery shopping has changed (and will continue to do so!) since it was just Iain and me. Central Market was my regular grocery store of choice! It was just about the only place I shopped and would take my time, buy interesting new things, a couple of bottles of wine, expensive ice cream. Ha! Now I drive to the closest Albertson's, load them all in the nasty, disgusting car cart because I can fit the two babies in the top part and Duncan in the pink-eye-pit that is the "car" part of "car cart" and look for the "buy 1 get 2 free" meat specials. I am not a germaphobe but those car carts really do gross me out.

I digress.

I now buy two loaves of bread at once. Gallons of milk. 18 eggs instead of a dozen. And my children are still very small. What is my future going to be like?


  1. I can already see that Finn and Sugar Bear are going to be GREAT friends. In the span of ONE DAY she got a goose egg on her forehead AND a busted lip. Plus, she has bruises on the other side of her head from a fall in the bathtub. Kid looks like I don't take care of her... On the eating thing...I picked her up from MDO yesterday and the teacher said, "she's a GREAT eater". Read: your kid really pigged out yesterday!

  2. My kids ate an entire large pizza the other day by themselves... it was a little scary because I know their appetites are only going to increase. :-)

  3. rabbitleigh2:05 PM

    I used to think that everyone was overreacting about those car carts being disease farms. Then, during a rare moment of purposeful lemon selection at Kroger, I looked down just in time to see my kid heave buckets all over her sister AND in every nook and cranny of that cart. My reverie disrupted, I lobbed the lemons back into the stack and hoofed it out of there, leaving a nice wake of vomit behind me. I ranted an apology to the entire store over my shoulder, while the child continued to yak. Yes, it was 104 degrees outside. Yes, I stripped my child down to her birthday suit in the middle of the parking lot. Yes, the only thing I had on hand was a package of baby wipes. And, yes, I attempted to clean the car cart with these wipes, as one naked and stinky toddler screamed in her carseat, and the other one decided she was ready to start throwing-up, too. Then I went home and cried and cried...And contemplated midday cocktails. So, yes, those carts are as nasty as you think they are, and you can thank the likes of me for that.