Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just kind of normal stuff

Kind of a strange weekend, time wise. But it's been a good one. Had my MOPS meeting on Friday, which was great. Duncan did better than I'd expected at drop off, well, correction...drop off was tough, but he was fine a few minutes later and had alot of fun once his friends showed up and he was no longer in the "early bird" room. The meeting? Total awesomeness. I have a fantastically fantastic MOPS group. Cannot say enough about it. My discussion group this year also holds a great deal of promise. Picked up Duncan, Claire and Finn after the meeting and everyone was happy, if not tired. Came home and Claire and Finn took nice long naps, which was good.

Because, later that night it was back to church for Marriage One on One. I expected Duncan to have a tough time again, because we spend alot of time at church and I'm nervous that he's going to get totally burned out. Again, drop off was tough, but there were no tears shed and when we picked him up later that night he was in a great mood and had obviously had fun. It was almost ten o'clock...and both babies were still awake and had not slept at all. OHmyGaWDtheyaregoingTObeSOstinKINGtired. Got everyone home, and in bed. Claire was a limp little baby girl and did not wake up when we took her out of the car seat but of course both boys...wide awake. Not for long, though.

However, this sleeping late for my kids. No way! Why should we sleep late?? Up and at 'em. Chocolate milk, bottles, some Cheerio, a little Lazy Town and we are ready to go. Naps were wonky today. Out of sync. Off schedule. Duncan had a fun, bowling alley birthday party and we had some family over throughout the day. Rained all day. Kids took late naps so were up late but now, at 9:32 everyone is still asleep and the Screaming Eagles of UNT are winning. It's rained all day, I've had yummy pumpkin candles burning and 2 cups of chai tea. So today? Gets about a 9 on a scale of 1-10.

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