Monday, November 30, 2009

Joy (to the World) Ride

So, we started getting all the Christmas stuff out. Well, I started. I plan to just get out those things that Claire and Finn will not destroy, but enough for Duncan to feel like we have decorated. The Little People Nativity is always a big hit, and I'm not at all nervous about them breaking it. Unlike the ceramic one my grandmother made at least thirty years ago, where two years ago the baby Jesus ended up in the Little People Farm silo for about ten days before he was located. So, as you can see, the Wise Men and Joseph took out the convertible and hit the town the other night. I suppose they were just trying to keep him occupied and keep his mind off the new baby coming.

I have strung three strands of outdoor lights and have many more to string before Duncan's thirst for decorative lighting is satisfied.

Tomorrow is the first day we will use our Advent Calendar so I need to get cracking on that, too. Not sure what we'll do about a tree but we will figure that out as well. We threw ours away last year and so need a new one. Perhaps a real one? I will let you know.
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