Saturday, November 14, 2009

Usually when I am lying in bed at night I will think of a relatively clever (for me, anyway) title and accompanying content to blog about. Then I actually sleep, wake up and sit in front of my computer and got nuthin'. This past week has been up and down. Last Sunday was good. We all went to church (as an aside, I must start getting things ready the night before. Am going to do that tonight! It's on my list!) and then came home and spent the day as a family. It was really nice. I cannot recall one single thing we did, but I do know it was a good day. I believe the Cowboys played that night and won. Even better.

No one was sick all week so we made it to school every day, the park a few days, church on Wednesday and Iain and I got to go to Marriage One on One last night at church which involves dropping all three kids off for childcare (frrrreee!), attending a (almost always) fun and interesting speaker/topic for about 45 minutes, then being turned loose for two hours to ourselves to go to dinner and talk about said topic. Last night's topic was basically managing family during the holidays. Nuclear and extended. We are lucky in that our families get along great, and there's never been any pressure from either side for us to drop one in order to spend time with the other. In fact, when we have both sides all together it's always great fun. We did decide that Iain and I need to make some decisions on what we want to do every year with our little nucleus, then build around that with our families. We are also lucky in that everyone is within about a 45 minute drive.

We also are starting to make some decisions on what to do with Duncan for kindergarten in the fall. 9 months away, people. Not even enough time for us to do a round of infertility treatment and have a baby. Cuz, that's the way he have 'em around here. Takes about a full calendar year for the whole gestation. So, next week I need to call to set up a tour of the school we hope to get him into and get the paperwork we need so that we can go talk to the principal of the school we do not want him to go to. I'm excited to have made a decision, but nervous that we don't really have a backup plan other than probably sell our house and move. I'm also starting to like the idea of staying in this very small house for a while. Why??? I think because it feel safe, and familiar. But, the biggest drawback for me is that there are NO kids on the whole street for him to play with. A prayer, perhaps. Please, Lord, let my child have friends in the neighborhood.

In the heartbreak department, a dear sweet friend lost her brother and only sibling yesterday morning in a shocking circumstance. I am saddened and walk around thinking of her, in the midst of all my not so serious stuff. Love you, friend.
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